Why I’m Funding the Rumble and You Should, Too

a661e403ae39063773597cab018a5b81This week, Tantus launched the Indiegogo campaign for their first vibrator: The Rumble. I first saw this at Woodhull #SFS15 and was wowed by the prototype. However, as electronics are not their forte, they are having to jump through some extra hoops to bring this product to market. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the tooling and production start of this wand-style vibrator. Currently, their facility only pours silicone dildos and any vibrators are sourced from elsewhere, but they’re usually the cheap watch-battery powered ones you need to replace with a We-Vibe Tango anyway.

I’m very excited and proud to support this campaign, and I think you should, too. Here’s why:


Tantus started because toxic toys in the rest of the industry were being made by people who don’t use toys, and hurting consumers. Metis Black admits to being a “toy slut” herself (her words), and wanting products that are nontoxic and designed for pleasure. Their dildos are made in the USA in Sparks, NV, and all molds are designed in house by their design team. They don’t rely on outsourced slave-wage labor overseas, and look for the best options possible when it comes to things like packaging, where facilities don’t exist domestically.

True Innovators

Tantus was the first company to bring body safe platinum cure silicone to the mainstream market. They’ve developed realistic and non-realistic dildos, packers, double-dildos, butt plugs, prostate-specific massagers, penis ringsBDSM gear, harnesses, and think about compatibility with vibration, suction cups, and various orifices. Although not the first to create dual density silicone, the Tantus O2 line of toys is unique in its variety of finishes and textures. Squishy, skin-feeling silicone is possible. They’re the only manufacturer I can think of with handled dildos that make it easy for people of size and people of differing abilities to enjoy them.  They once helped start the first sex-positive home party company for a while.

They Handle Criticism Well

When Tantus first developed the Splash, a “drip” near the base was irritating the urethra of reviewers. Tantus responded by adjusting the placement of that drip in the mold. Positive and negative feedback are very important to them, so they can make products that bring people pleasure. While they must try to find an “average” for each toy, they produce a large variety of products and would never tell someone their body is wrong – they’d look at the product to see if improvements can be made.

They Are Intersectional, Sex Positive, and Consumer Focused

Tantus has insisted on viewing the market through an intersectional lens. While they price products according to their value, sales are frequent and they work with various charities and organizations that promote sexual freedom. They never market their realistic dildos using stereotypes, and are careful when naming their products.  Their marketing doesn’t have to be objectifying, heteronormative, or art nouveau busy to showcase products. They do what they do because they know women are being hurt by toxic products, experiencing infections due to porous products, and realize that much of the industry is all about the money and not pleasure. Tantus is all about the consumer – consumer pleasure, consumer safety, products consumers love, sex education for consumers, and even easy-open packaging.


Tantus has a strong commitment to quality products. They were born out of a need for safety in intimate products and have maintained a reputation that puts quality and safety at the forefront of everything they do. I’ve seen this vibrator, and it is indeed a quality product. I am looking forward to owning my own.

As I said, I held the early Rumble prototype in my hands. I have felt how lightweight it is. The handle is ergonomic and the buttons are in the right places and easy to press. This is a product for everyone – large, small, arthritic, gymnast, any gender, any genitals, any body parts, young, old, and beyond. It’s got the right pitch of vibration and a large spread of intensity. We need more products like this on the market.

I really hope you’ll join me in making the Tantus Rumble a reality, and this is an excellent opportunity to get yours early. I don’t get any sort of affiliate payout when you do – THAT is how important I think this project truly is. So click here and give what you can, or help spread the word.

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