The Ballad of Jan: An #SFS17 Story in Three Vignettes 1

Gather ’round, kids, and get comfy. For this story about to unfold is filled with confusing happenstance, odd twists and turns, seemingly insurmountable odds, and above all, getting shit done. The Hero We Didn’t Ask For: A Random Man It all began with a random man on the internet, or […]

Confession: Our Nightly Routine

I don’t remember when it started, but it’s become our thing. Carrie and I have a nightly routine. Occasionally, when one of us has had a particularly hard day, the other will offer to do it without any reciprocation. Once in a while, one of us will have too much […]

Confession: I Had a Psychotic Mental Breakdown 4

You read that right. I had a psychotic mental breakdown. Trigger warning: I’m going to describe exactly what that’s like. I’ve been pretty open about having bipolar 2. It finally came to a head one night. I’m going to write a series of posts on my experience because I had a […]

Confession: I Took My 8-Year-Old Bikini Shopping

“I want a bikini for the beach,” my 8-year-old daughter said. Carrie, the only awake adult in the house at the time, had about a split second to react and respond. “Why do you want a bikini?” Carrie asked. They were not ready for this request. “I just…want to know what […]

Confession: What I Mean When I Say I’m Not the Rep for You

Today I got a rather angry rejection letter from someone I didn’t immediately recognize as a previous party guest who considered hosting a show but didn’t book at the party. If you’ve done party plan sales for long enough, you don’t go chasing these people down. Sure, you might follow […]

Confession: I Witnessed Verbal and Emotional Abuse in the Consultation Room 1

Trigger warning on this one, folks. Last night was a rough night. It was my first party with the new company, and it was a classic failure. The party was held in a manufactured home community, and that should have been my first tip-off. Now, I’ve had some good parties […]

Confession: Hotel Pay Per View Porn on Our Honeymoon

Carrie and I met on the Internet and fell in love at a distance. About the time they proposed, I’d landed a job 600 miles away from my hometown. Since it paid well and their field was more in demand, we decided to move to a city new to the both of us. We […]


Why I Do What I Do: They Rejected Porous Sex Toys

My Friday night party this weekend had me a little worried. I live in a predominantly Hispanic community. This can pose a few issues when talking about sex and sexuality because of cultural taboos and socioeconomic factors. The hostess had, in fact, texted me before the party asking if I […]