Goodbye, Orgasmatronics 1

Orgasmatronics is no more. I received an e-mail last week announcing their closure to affiliates. Soon after, their newsletter followed. They’ve filed for bankruptcy and gone out of business. I was really excited when, the weekend before, they seemed to have a flash 50% off sale all of a sudden. […]

Review: Orgasmatronics X2 Orgasmatron 2

Sadly, Orgasmatronics has gone out of business. 🙁 On paper, the Orgasmatronics X2 Orgasmatron shouldn’t work for us. It plugs into the wall. It comes with a long list of CYA warnings. It’s loud. It’s pricey. It’s a vulva hog. Yet, just like the Ambrosia 2.0 looked perfect for us […]

Review: Orgasmatronics Ambrosia 2.0 2

Note: Orgasmatronics has since gone out of business, so this product has been discontinued. On paper, the Orgasmatronics Ambrosia 2.0 should be right up our alley. It’s one of the most versatile and innovative sex toys we’ve ever seen. Orgasmatronics provided the Ambrosia set, with both dildos, to try in exchange for our […]