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The places to shop below are always going to be less expensive than sex toys at a toy party for the exact same item, and all of them carry a whole lot more. Shopping here helps keep this site running (you didn’t think that was free, did you?) and put food on the table, since I no longer do sex toy parties. I appreciate my readers so much. Thank you for being amazing!


Sponsors have paid an advertising fee to appear here, first come, first served. I get no commission from any sales to these sites. I don’t make any particular endorsements of sponsors, so as per usual, watch out for jelly/porous stuff, knockoffs, etc.



Affiliate commissions don’t cost you anything extra and don’t inflate the price of anything you buy. The companies simply pay us an agreed-upon percentage of each sale based on the cookies that link back to us.

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Tantus is by far my favorite dildo maker. Dual density, fun shapes, tons of butt plugs, harnesses, and BDSM gear, Tantus was the first company to bring sex toy material safety to the public conscience. They’re eithical and reliable, and I love them dearly. Not to mention, they treat affiliates and bloggers better than anyone else, even when we have negative feedback on products. They use it as a learning tool. They often do weekend flash sales. Be sure to check back on the weekends!

Buy one Closeout item, get a second for 50% off – no code needed! If you like texture, we recommend you get a Bound and get the Twist for $20 bucks! Order $100, get FREE US SHIPPING!

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Crash Pad Series

Pay for your porn, folks. It’s the ethical thing to do. When there’s a special or new episode on this super awesome, super affordable queer porn site, I’ll post it below.

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Undercover Condoms

Playing safer is sexy! Plus, a condom on a butt toy makes clean up a snap on taco night! OK, you didn’t need that imagery, but what you do need are condoms, the FC2 receptive condom, and dental dams ON SALE. Undercover Condoms does you one better by giving you FREE SHIPPING with orders over $29. Plus massage oils, pregnancy tests, and even toys. Just stay away from the junk porous toys.

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Peepshow Toys

One of my favorite shops to review for, the folks over at Peepshow try really hard to stock tons of body-safe products at really great prices and they often do giveaways! They’ve also started carrying gender expression gear – binders, packers, and more!

Coupon Code

Get 10% off ANYTHING at Peepshow Toys with code mary at checkout!

Flash Sales

Select toys ON SALE for a limited time (and YES they stack with coupon code mary):

Laid D.1 Silicone Dildo was $59 now $30.95
Ohmibod WanderLust Wand was $99.00 now $59.95
We Vibe 4 Plus was $179.00 now $129.00
Opal by Jopen Dual Massager was $99.00 now $63.95
Laid C.1 Clitoral Vibe was $79.99 now $44.95
Shibari Mega Wand was $69.00 now $39.00



One of my fave new shops, Vibrant carries a curated selection of only body safe toys and lubes. Sales benefit Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and you can even have a free consultation with an expert via chat!



E2B has a few porous things, but not many, and they’ve got a HUGE selection of gender play stuff. Sales are rare, but I know some of you are looking for binders, packers, and Homme Mystere lingerie. You can find select items here. If they don’t have what you want, drop them a line and they’ll get it for you. Sale will be specified if there is one. If not, only the banner will be posted.



Everyone knows SheVibe boasts one of the largest selections with frequent sales and great every day prices. They do carry some porous items, but at least they warn you about it on the product info page. Plus, they might just draw something on the box for you! They have a regular Blowout clearance section, a sale section, and sometimes flash sales.

Blowout Clearance

Current Specials

Flash Sales



They carry a lot of porous stuff, but they DO have lingerie. Stay away from the junk, please, and remember many of their specials don’t stack with coupon codes.

I’m now only posting when sales aren’t overwhelmingly full of (or for) porous and pthalate-containing toys. I may soon decide not to support this shop at all, as it’s been brought to my attention by those that have seen the Netflix series featuring Lovehoney, that returned products may make it back on the shelves. 365 days is a great warranty, but if a product is used and re-sold, I can’t support that.

Coupon Codes:

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Flash Sales:

I cannot vouch for the quality of the flash sale products in the 1-day deals, so heads up. If it’s for a porous product, no matter how good the deal, skip it for your body’s safety.


Good Vibrations

Home to some of the best educational workshops, Good Vibrations has just about anything you could possibly want, although there are a couple of porous things. They always have a special going.

Their banners automatically change with the latest deal, so I honestly don’t know what this says. Pretty cool, huh?


The Stockroom

JT’s stockroom is one of the best places to shop for professional grade BDSM gear, including the heavy duty custom-made stuff. Be wary of porous toys, although they do carry Fun Factory and some other goodies. I’m loving their new website.

Coupon Codes

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Flash Sales

There’s a daily flash sale where one item is 25% off!


Extreme Restraints

Use code FeelTheVibe for 25% off all vibrating toys!

If the Stockroom doesn’t have it, they do, so it’s worth it to open this in a second tab and comparison shop if you’re on a budget. Stay away from the jelly and PVC toys. Be aware most of the models are nude, so this is strictly NSFW.

Hips & Curves

My absolute favorite place to get plus size lingerie and sexy corsets is Hips & Curves. They don’t pay affiliates much, but you know what? I just want to recommend a great shop with affordable prices. Steel boned corsets WHAT? Hell  yes! Every Tuesday there’s a one-day special!

Right now:

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Flash Sales

Every Tuesday!