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The Vedo Luv is a $19 vibrator. And I asked to review it. Some might question why I asked to review a toy that I knew would not yield fantastic orgasms. But here’s the thing: when I did sex toy parties, some people gravitated towards cheap, buzzy vibrators. These people were usually young women who had never tried a vibrator before, and were not able to afford something better. Some of these women had never had an orgasm, and while they felt close when using their fingers, couldn’t quite get there. Unfortunately, sex toy party catalogs are full of porous, jelly vibrators that are dangerous to vulva health because they retain microorganisms, grow mold, and may contain hazardous chemicals no one should put near their mucous membranes. It’s for these people I wanted to find a body-safe, affordable vibrator to add that extra oomph to their sexual experiences. Enter the Vedo Luv.

I knew from the start the Vedo Luv is not a toy for me. The Vedo Luv is not for power queens. The Vedo Luv is not for someone who uses vibrators regularly. The Vedo Luv isn’t even for someone who knows what they want out of a vibrator. It’s for people who don’t. It’s for people who have never tried a vibrator before. It’s for people who don’t have the means to risk a higher-priced toy they may not like.  Basically, I wanted to try a vibrator for someone who uses fingers and pressure on their clit, but needs a little something extra. I wanted a vibrator for someone with a sensitive clitoris. I wanted a vibrator for someone with a budget of $25, shipping included. That’s exactly who the Vedo Luv is for.

Basic Stats

The Vedo Luv is a satin-finish silicone and ABS (hard, body-safe plastic) vibrator. The packaging was free of any gendering, which I appreciated. It takes one AAA battery, and as such, is not a power house. It measures about 5″ long and about 1″ in diameter. There’s a nub on the end of one side of the tip, and an oblong square “cup” on the opposite side of the tip. It’s small and straight, so it’s best as an external vibe. It’s important to note that it definitely should not be used anally. It lacks a flange to keep it from getting lost in the anus.

Being silicone, it’s easy to clean with mild soap and water, or 10% bleach to sanitize if needed. It’s waterproof via a gasket beneath the battery cover. I didn’t use it underwater (I just don’t masturbate that way), but with toys like this, you need to be very careful not to get water into the battery compartment. I did run water over the entire toy during cleaning, and the battery compartment remained dry.

There are 10 vibration modes. It starts on the highest steady vibration, followed by medium and low intensity steady vibration, before breaking into patterns. There’s a single button on the base. Press the button once to turn it on and cycle through the functions. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn it off. It even remembers the last setting you used.

The Vedo Luv is available in purple, light pink, or hot pink.

Mary’s Experience

Predictably, the vibrations are high pitched and buzzy, but not painfully so. Sure, they weren’t the best, but they’re not designed or advertised to be. The patterns do little for me, although a fast pulse is always pleasant. The vibrations themselves aren’t any worse than most jelly vibrators I’ve felt and sold to first-timers.

The length is just right for my body. I have no problem reaching with this toy, and the button is easy to press.

My first attempt at using the Vedo Luv did not yield orgasm. Instead, I got a buzzy vulva. I had thought maybe the rounded point on the tip would provide the pinpoint stimulation I typically need, but it was far too pinpoint, with dampened vibrations. I discovered the “cup” on the other side yielded better results. It was a more broad sensation, but the edges of that cup provided more pinpoint stimulation right where the motor lies.

Subsequent testing sessions were much better. With pressure and porn, I was able to climax using the cup side of the tip. It wasn’t an earth-shattering orgasm. By my usual standards, it was disappointing. But I wondered about those who have never had an orgasm, despite trying desperately. I’ve heard so many stories like this over the years. If I’d never had an orgasm before, I’d have thought it felt pretty darn good. For me, though, I felt teased. I needed more. I needed my Doxy Die Cast. I’m a power queen, though.


The Vedo Luv is definitely not for someone who knows they like rumbly vibrations, or who can afford something like the We-Vibe Tango. It’s not for someone who uses a lot of toys and is just looking for a new sensation.

It’s a simple, body-safe, battery-operated vibe without any bells or whistles. That’s all it is. And it’s priced right for what it is.

This vibrator highlights the problems people of little means face when it comes to their sexual health and pleasure. Porous toys are cheap and widely available. Walk into any Spencer Gifts and you’ll find them. Egg vibrators with metallic paint that rubs off are even cheaper. It’s a matter of health justice. Finding affordable, body-safe vibrators that can compete with unhealthy options is important to me. That’s why I’m so glad I found the Vedo Luv. For those who can’t afford more, it’s a solid option.

I do wish, though, rumbly vibrators were the standard, and that I could find one in this price range. I’ll keep looking.

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Vedo Luv for this honest review. You can use coupon code mary for 10% off your entire purchase, including toys under $50.

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  • aquakink

    I really enjoyed reading your review. When I was younger and looking for first sex toy, I knew nothing about sex toy materials (got an Adam and Eve Blue Dolphin Vibrator). As I did more research, I realized that not all toys are created equal and that there needs to be a medium in the industry for first time buyers looking to purchase a sex toy. No one should have to sacrifice quality and safety for pleasure and affordability and this review proves that you can get the best of both worlds. An affordable first time vibe that’s also body-safe.