Review: Vedo Gee Slim

Gee Slim next to a pink candle

I’ve been spending more time reviewing toys under $50. I had hoped the Vedo Gee Slim would be a good beginner’s G-spot vibrator. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it and I don’t have a comparably-priced toy to point you towards. It just doesn’t have it where it counts.

Basic Stats

Gee Slim with base removedThe Vedo Gee Slim has a lot going for it. It’s rechargeable, silicone, and waterproof. It’s pretty no-frills and simple, which keeps the price point low for a rechargeable vibe: about $40. There’s no storage case or travel lock, but I wouldn’t expect those things in this price range.

It has a classic shape: a slim handle with an angled, oblong bulb head. It measures 6.69″ long and is 1.18″ in diameter at its widest point in the bulb. Unlike the plastic vibrators of old, it’s coated in satin-finish silicone with minimal drag. The transition from plastic controls to bulb is smooth, without any abrupt corners, unlike similar toys of this shape. It comes in turquoise, purple, and pink.

There are 10 vibration settings, and the 3 steady vibration speeds are in the correct order (low, medium, high). It remembers the last setting used.

Mary’s Experience

I really wanted to like this toy when I picked it for review. Vedo makes low-cost rechargeable and battery-operated toys that are best-suited for beginners. I like being able to recommend toys under $50 that are high quality and get the job done. Sadly, the Vedo Gee Slim fell far short of the qualifications for my recommendation.

Let’s start with vibrations. The Gee Slim is buzzy, and features a lot of patterns, which don’t do it for me. Since it remembers the last setting used, I have to cycle through all those modes to get it back down to the lowest vibration setting each time I start using it. This setting is all I can tolerate vaginally. Higher speeds are painfully buzzy and annoy my G-spot. Clitorally, I can handle the second steady vibration speed, which will provide a disappointing orgasm if I put in the effort to focus on having one. The highest vibration speed is, again, painful to me. It’s that high-pitched buzz that almost feels like a static electric shock that’s been drawn out into a painful, constant sting. Maybe that’s your thing, but it’s certainly not mine. What’s worse, the vibrations travel through the handle so well it’s somewhat difficult to hold, and definitely distracting.

This isn’t the first Vedo toy I’ve owned that had buzzy vibrations. I thought the Luv Mini was a good option for vibrator beginners, despite its buzzy vibrations placed in the wrong order (highest to lowest speed). But the Gee Slim is slightly more powerful than the Luv, and focuses vibrations differently because of its smooth, round shape at the tip. I’d still consider the vibrations moderately weak, which is actually a plus. I can’t imagine something this buzzy with more power feeling good at all.

Gee Slim propped up on a candleThe shape looks good in theory for G-spot beginners. But because of its cylindrical handle and lack of any texture at all, it wobbles to the side in use. Once lube gets on the handle, that’s it. I’ve completely lost control of it. I found this true clitorally as well, as I tried to get it to sit on the right side of my clitoral shaft, but fumbled with it if lube got on my fingers. I just couldn’t get the the vibration where I need it on either my clit or my G-spot unless I was stingy with lube, and careful to wipe it completely off my fingers after applying it. This takes me out of the headspace I need to get off.

I had a hard time reaching orgasm with the Gee Slim. The only thing that worked was applying lots of pressure and movement to my clitoris on the lowest steady vibration setting, and then switching to the medium steady vibration. I’m quite used to only using 3 or 4 of a toy’s given vibration modes, but when I only use two, I feel like the rest are completely excessive. This toy just needs a rumblier motor.

Without vibration, I can get pressure on my G-spot. I do prefer some texture or drag, though. I feel like if I’m going to use it without vibration, a dildo would be a better option for G-spot exploration.

It’s not all bad. It’s quiet, easy to store, and cleans like a dream. The single-button control works well and is placed out of the way. The price is good for a rechargeable, but there are plenty of battery-operated versions of this shape and similar vibration buzziness out there on the market that are cheaper. It just doesn’t stand out.


If you’re beginning G-spot exploration, I’m not sure this vibrator is where you want to start. Sometimes, a disappointing G-spot vibe can be a great clitoral vibe as a consolation prize, but there are much better options at this price point for that. I’m going to be trying more low-cost G-spot vibes in the future, and I hope I can find one I recommend for under $50. At this point, the Vedo Gee Slim is not that vibe. I’ll keep looking.

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