Review: Vedo Diver

Vedo Diver with Candle

The Vedo Diver is a rechargeable silicone prostate vibrator. Ever the one to be up for putting toys up my butt, Peepshow Toys sent me one to try out.

Basic Stats

At just over 4″ insertable length, 5″ overall, and just over an inch at its widest, the Vedo Diver is not a large toy. The Diver’s internal vibrator is wrapped in a smooth, matte-finish silicone, and features a nub at the tip that is curved up at about 90 degrees from the shaft of the toy. The shaft is straight, with no textures, details, or curves, and ends in a flanged base. The hooked tip and the flanges on the base are the only semi-flexible parts of the toy; the rest is rigid. The vibrator is controlled by a one-button cap on the base of the toy. One click turns the toy on and cycles through the 10 functions, and holding the button down turns the toy off. It’ll remember the last setting used and start there next time. Unscrewing the cap opens the charging port for the included USB cable. While it is designed to come apart this way, it is still able to work after being submerged in water. It can be cleaned with soap and water, and sanitized in a 10% bleach solution. Due to the electronics in the toy, I wouldn’t recommend sanitizing in the dishwasher.

Carrie’s Experience

“Oh boy… There is no way that is staying in.”

The first thing I noticed about the Vedo Diver was its distinct lack of any bulb or curve that would help the toy stay in. It might be about an inch at its widest, but that width stays pretty consistent along its length. And that nub wasn’t going to keep it in. Despite this, the vibrator motor was nice and rumbly, so I was drawing a big question mark before testing.

Insertion proved a bit tricky. The curved tip, while somewhat flexible, still needed to be inserted at an angle, with the nub facing forward. Surprisingly, the flanges on the base fit quite comfortable between my cheeks. Once in, for giggles, I let it go and felt it start to slide right out, confirming that this was more of a hands-on toy. That was going to make things difficult, as there is no handle on the Vedo Diver, and my arms only reach so far for so long.

Once I managed to lay down, I contorted my arms backwards to keep the toy in and turned on the vibrator, and was welcomed with an intense, rumbly feeling. I wanted to start on low, and figured I must have left it on high, so I tried cycling through the functions. The next setting was medium, followed by low, then the extras. That’s right – if you want to start on low, you have to cycle through all the functions, including high, to get to medium. Then all over again, including low, to get to high.

Annoyed, and with an aching arm, I decided to try to let gravity help me and rolled over with my ass in the air. That was more comfortable and seemed to work to keep it in place, but then I ran across another issue. The toy was too long for me. When fully inserted, the nub went way past my prostate. I had to still reach to grasp the toy and gently thrust it in and out to get the nub to connect just right. I was able to finally come with the Vedo Diver, but it felt like a bit of a chore.

On another occasion, I wanted to figure out some way to make the Vedo Diver more hands free. I figured if I inserted it, then put on a pair of panties, maybe the underwear would hold it in. While that worked, it made it difficult to change functions, and it still didn’t connect with my prostate. And forget trying to sit with it in. When I did finally manage to sit down with it, the chair held the power button in and turned the toy off.


The Vedo Diver is well-constructed, relatively affordable, and on the smaller end of the scale. But between strange way functions are organized, the lack of any feature to keep the toy in, and the hands-on effort needed to use it, my impression of it is less than stellar. I was travelling when I did my testing, but perhaps this would be easier with a partner to hold and thrust the toy. If you have long arms and/or are flexible, tend to stick with one vibration setting, aren’t looking for something to be hands-free, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then the Vedo Diver might be for you. But that’s a lot of if’s.


Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending us this toy to try out! Use code mary when you shop there for 10% off!

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