Review: TENGA Air-Tech Masturbator Cup

TENGA Air-Tech Masturbator

The TENGA Air-Tech Masturbator Cup is a penis masturbation sleeve in a plastic housing cup. Now, I’ve never been a fan of masturbation sleeves. Most of them, at the core of how they work, stimulate the penis by sliding up and down the shaft. And while that feels good, it’s not what gets me off, personally. I need more of a “grabby” sensation: drag, suction, grab – something that moves the skin with each stroke instead of simply sliding over it. So when good folks at Lovehoney offered this for review, I agreed because I was interested to see how it would stack up against other masturbation sleeves I’ve used and tossed in the past. And I’m glad I did, because this one hit the mark where the others fell short.

1_20160310_131101The TENGA Air-Tech arrived wrapped in a classy plastic sleeve. Once the wrapper was off, the sticker covering the air hole peeled off, and the cap removed, there is a small cup in the hole of the sleeve containing the lube to remove. The TPE used in the sleeve is very soft and supple to the touch. Removing the sleeve from the cup is easy: just twist and pull. The inside of the sleeve has a pattern of bumps, with ridges about 2/3 the way in, ending in more bumps at the tip. The outside of the sleeve features a swirling ridge pattern throughout the length of the sleeve. The cup itself is contoured for ease of grip at the end, where there is an air hole for suction. I was slightly worried when I gave the plastic cup a squeeze and it had more give to it than I was expecting it to have, but it didn’t prove to be a problem and provided the support needed for the job at hand.

Using the TENGA Air-Tech was easy: lube the penis, lube the sleeve and start. I’ve reviewed other TENGA products, and have never been much of a fan of the Hole Lotion line, of which the “Real” variety was included with the toy. I find them too viscous. You’ll be fine using your favorite water-based lube. Sliding into and out of the toy, as shipped, the toy felt nice and tight, but bumps inside register more like ripples than individual sensations. I have small hands, so I had some difficulty coordinating grip and suction, but someone with average hands or larger is not going have that issue. Also, my penis is not particularly large or long, so I never reached the end of the sleeve. The toy makes a slight hissing noise as air enters and leaves the inside of the cup through the air hole, but it wasn’t so much so that it was off-putting.

While the sensations were pleasant, they wouldn’t have been enough to do the job on their own. Such is my issue with most sleeves. Where the TENGA Air-Tech really shone is the suction it can provide. Once my penis was fully inserted, covering the air hole at the top made the toy grasp my shaft as I moved the cup back and forth. It’s this grab that stimulates me more than the sliding sensation, and something that I feel is missing in most masturbation sleeves in general. It was actually quite surprising just how much suction this little toy had! So long as my lubed finger was over the air hole, the cup was not going to come off. I could quickly switch between sliding, complete suction, and partial suction, depending on if and how much I was covering the air hole.

Tenga Air-Tech InsideIt’s worth noting that the TENGA Ait-Tech sleeve can be used inverted as well, making use of that swirling pattern. As I was cleaning the cup after my first test, I wanted to see if it would fit back in the cup while turned inside-out. It did, so I tried it that way the next time, and it was a completely different experience. The swirls definitely register as such, and it felt amazing both sliding up and down my penis and providing suction while covering the air hole. Truth be told, I actually prefer the inverted swirling pattern to the default bumps and ridge pattern as shipped. As good as this experience was, this is something I think should be played up by TENGA and retailers, as there’s no official instruction anywhere I could find that this is a thing that this toy can do.

Either way, cleaning was a breeze. Pull the sleeve out, turn it inside-out (or right-side out), and rinse it off under running water with a little soap or toy cleaner spritz. After that, allow to it air dry. It goes back in the cup with a little bit of a twist, and the cap easily pops back on to keep dust, lint, cat hair, etc. out.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the TENGA Air-Tech and all the different ways I could get stimulation from it, and am happy to have it in my collection. I would recommend this for people with a penises and hands of average size, give or take a little. People with larger penises may find this a bit too tight and/or not long enough. People with smaller hands may have some difficulty getting their hands around the toy while controlling the suction and working the toy up and down at the same time. Even with smaller hands, though, my experience was very good. It’s a versatile, reusable, easy to use and clean toy with many possible incredible sensations at a very affordable price.1_20160310_130307

Lovehoney graciously provided  the TENGA Air-Tech for an honest and unbiased review. You can find yours on their website.

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