Review: Tantus Uncut #2

Tantus Uncut 2As the name suggests, the Tantus Uncut #2 dildo is something you don’t see often: a realistic dildo modeled off an intact penis. It’s the second, smaller version that Tantus developed. We first squished both Tantus Uncut dildos in person in August at the Woodhull Summit. The Tantus Dual Density O2 dildos are so much fun to put your hands on!

When we first saw the Uncut on social media and the Tantus website, we weren’t quite sure whether the foreskin was retractable. It isn’t. Due to the way silicone toys are made, that’s a difficult effect to achieve. We do know of one TPR dildo that has a retractable foreskin if that’s what you’re looking for, but remember that TPR is porous, so it can’t be shared without condoms or sterilized, may eventually grow mold, and should be disposed of or recycled after 6 months or so. We received the Tantus Uncut #2 for free in exchange for our honest review.

Basic Stats

Uncut2_3The Uncut #2 is 6.4″ long and 1.6″ wide at its widest point. It’s part of the Dual Density O2 line, with a solid inner core and Super Soft™ outer layer, all made from Tantus’ signature platinum cured silicone. The detail is impressive. It looks like real skin on the exterior, but the material itself is essentially nonporous even though it appears to have skin pores. You can clean it with soap & water, but it’s strongly recommended that you boil it for a few minutes to sanitize regularly, especially if you use this toy anally. It’s compatible with any harness. The Tantus Uncut #2 is available in three colors: mocha, cocoa, and cream, which is what we received.


Mary’s Experience

While I’m personally not a huge fan of realistic dildos, there’s a special place in my heart for one that looks like an intact penis. We don’t see nearly enough uncircumcised dildos on the market, and they make a powerful feminist statement about the right to bodily autonomy, including one’s genitals. Circumcision is so common in the US, the first time I saw an intact penis I didn’t know what to do with it. I thought it was ugly. I was confused. Such is the state of sex ed and intact penis representation.

It doesn’t feel exactly like an intact penis in use, in case you were wondering. The squishy nature of dual density silicone means it conforms to your body, and is “squishable” internally. The realistic skin-like texture means there’s some drag, but not a whole lot. I couldn’t feel the veins. If I could compare/contrast it to anything, it would be the Tantus G-Force. Everything I didn’t like about the G-Force is remedied with the Uncut #2 – it’s slightly girthier, the texture is preferable, and there’s more squish. I like clenching down on it while using my Magic Wand if I’m not going to use it with the X2. The head is pronounced and bulbous, but lacks a distinct coronal ridge that’s present in the Uncut #1, which I haven’t tried, but I did want to mention it.

Carrie’s Experience

My first impression of this toy when we opened the packaging was “Oh wow, that’s playful!” And it is exactly that for me: a fun toy that fulfills a lot of what I’m looking for in a dildo. Looking for something fun to suck on? This has a great mouth feel while being just the right length and girth to deep throat if you’re so inclined. Looking for a great prostate massage? The squishy, bulbous head, with just the right amount of drag, feels amazing when thrusting, and the length is just right for targeting the prostate. Looking for something to warm up on for a bigger toy? The girth and squish factor of the Uncut #2 make it a great toy start loosening up with.

Honestly, I have no issues with this toy. It’s the right size for me, the detail looks and the texture feels amazing, and the Dual Density silicone does all the right things in all the right places. It’s my favorite dildo right now, and goes with me every time I travel.

Paired with the X2 and Polly


If you have the Orgasmatron X2 and Polly attachment, you’re going to love what this setup does for the Uncut #2. Because gyration moves the whole thing quickly, the bulbous head shimmies internal structures while simultaneously being clenched. This translates to internal sensations that are completely different, and very targeted. Vaginally, it provides a great deal of thuddy internal clitoris stimulation, while the head rests on the pubic bone and targets the G-Spot. Prostate-wise, the head provides more of a “thoomp” sensation as it drags across the prostate while thrusting, and holding it still is intense and rumbly.


We love that this is intact penis representation! We can’t stress enough how much we wish it wasn’t “innovative” to represent foreskin on a dildo. We also found the size just right. The head really makes this toy, and does so evenly, all the way around. The squish factor and texture are right on the money for what they’re going for with the design.


Uncut2_2To be honest, we really can’t think of any way to improve this toy. We’re both fans of lots of texture, but we’ve kept that in mind here – while we’d both enjoy more drag or texture, this toy doesn’t actually need it.


The Tantus Uncut #2 is a realistic dildo-lover’s dream. If you’ve been looking for a modest-sized representation of an intact penis, or something with a bulbous head that has a bit of texture and squish, you’re going to love this. If you want something a bit bigger, the Uncut #1 is roughly the same proportions in a larger size. This toy is in Carrie’s heavy rotation as a star favorite, and we’d like to thank Tantus for sending this wonderful toy our way! You can find this directly on the Tantus website or at SheVibe!

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