Review: Tantus Twist

The Tantus Twist is a silicone butt plug featuring a deep spiral design along the bulb of the toy. Tantus sent one to us in exchange for an unbiased review.

Basic Stats

The Tantus Twist measures about 4.5″ in length, of which 4″ is insertable, and just shy of a 1.5″ diameter at it’s widest point. The satin finish is soft and smooth to touch, and while it is solid, the smaller measurements allow just a little bit of give when squeezed. Being a satin finish, silicone lube is not recommended as it may harm the finish. It is made with Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium silicone. This makes it is easy to clean and sanitize in boiling water or a 10% bleach solution.

Carrie’s Experience

I love texture. I love seeing all the detailing in a toy and anticipating what that will feel like when inserted. I love being surprised when it feels different than I was expecting or satisfied that it was just as good as I had thought it would. When we received the Tantus Twist, I imagined that it might give a swirling feeling as the ridges made their way in. I wondered if it might feel good to insert it while twisting it like a screw. I wondered what clenching down on it would feel like with all those deep channels.

I think it was in our house all of five minutes before I had lube on it. I noticed that those channels held lube really well, which is a bonus for longer wear as they carry lube into the body while the toy is being inserted. Being on the small side for me, warm up wasn’t really required; I just relaxed and slowly pushed it in. I was pleasantly surprised that, instead of a swirling feeling, the sensation I felt was more of a deep ripple. I tried inserting again at a different angle and felt the same rippling. It wasn’t until I could bend just right so that insertion happened straight on that I felt a swirling feeling while the toy slid in.

The Tantus Twist is also very comfortable for extended wear. The base of the plug fits very nicely between the cheeks and is unobtrusive when sitting, squatting or walking. The channels of the plug help bring lube up into the body, helping the toy stay comfortable. Clenching on the toy or tensing the PC muscle makes all those ridges slide inside just a little, making for fun (and sometimes surprising) internal stimulation while wearing.

While I did try inserting the Tantus Twist with a, well, twist, I quickly found that my body didn’t appreciate that very much. Even with plenty of lube, it pulled at my skin and sphincter with each twist. Your mileage may vary, but for me, I found normal insertion much more comfortable than screwing it in.


With measurements on the small end, the Tantus Twist is a great little plug, and I would highly recommend it for beginners who are looking for something on the small side, but still interested in a little texture in their play. I can also recommend this to more advanced players who are looking for something fun to warm up with before moving to larger toys. It’s well-made, comfortable, and a fun experience – beside the small size, it’s just about anything you could ask for in a plug.

Thanks to Tantus for letting us try this toy!

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