Review: Tantus Splish & Splash

Tantus Splish and Splash

Note: The Tantus Splish and Splash have been discontinued.

My first actual, non-vibrating dildo was the Tantus Splish. A while back, I picked up the Tantus Splash for a matched set. I decided to review them both at once, since sadly, it looks like both are being discontinued.

Some time ago, I fell in love at first sight with the Fun Factory Stronic Drei, but I wasn’t sure I could take something that big or with that much texture. Carrie & I don’t have vaginal sex often and their penis is a little below average, but that’s ok because it’s a G-spot-seeking missile; however, I still prefer clitoral orgasms. I didn’t even know if I’d like texture. I reached out to Epiphora for advice, and she asked questions & shot some suggestions back. It was weird being on the other end of helping someone pick out a toy. I had no idea how to conceptualize size measurements from a website at the time, so I decided the Splish would be the best option from her suggestions. I figured if it didn’t work out for me, it would probably make a decent anal toy.

What I really wanted was to reclaim my vaginal penetration. Now that Carrie and I were at a place where we could be honest about what we wanted, we could stop having vaginal sex unless one or the other really wanted to. All my life I’d measured my self-worth by men’s rapaciousness to fuck my vagina. It hurt. It didn’t bring me to orgasm. It was all for them. They who would use me, betray me, abuse me, and leave me wallowing in my own aloneness. Lusting for an object felt both strange and right. It was liberating. Penetrating myself became a defining moment in my feminism. So I started small. Baby steps.

I was glad to see the Splish was indeed tiny, at only 4.5″ long and .75-1″ in diameter. It’s the most squishy Tantus toy I own, although it’s more firm than the most firm Bad Dragon silicone. There appears to be an inner phallus with the texture poured on as an afterthought, but I know from the color fade it’s all one mold. Beneath the textured “drips” the silicone is shiny, while the drips themselves have a squishier texture and iridescence to them. The base is thick and gives me something to hold onto since when I self thrust I’m unable to grasp the entire base. I hold an edge with my thumb and my fingers press against the base. It’s large enough to fit in just about any harness, but you need to guide it on insertion.

20150414_135337By contrast, the Splash is significantly larger at 1.75″ in diameter at the widest point and 6.5″ long. The Splish is not a warm-up to the Splash. The design and color are similar, but it’s far more rigid. It does have a bit of give and some wobble. The outer texture isn’t as squishy as the Splish. The base is similarly thick and large. I love toys that are unique and not humanly phallic, and the Splish and Splash both deliver there. Plus, you can sanitize them and put both up your butt, although the Splash may need lots of warm-up for most.

Neither base will interfere with a clit toy. Both feature an interesting texture. It’s not a scraping. It’s not ribbed. It’s, well, undulating I guess. And both are wonderful. The Splish is a mild texture in use and I highly recommend it for those who need smaller toys to switch it up a bit. If you have a condition that requires dilators, it might be good for a fun toy. I did outgrow it quickly.

The Splash is a dream come true for me. I’m driven to vigorously thrust this even after coming so I can really feel the drips undulate within me. Twisting and turning provides a sensation you can’t get with a penis or other non-textured toys. The ridges at the tip can be felt, too, and it’s a G-spot-seeking missile in its own right.

While Carrie could easily take the Splish, they’re at that point where it’s already too small for them as a thrusting toy. As a butt plug, it doesn’t work that great since the base is so big, but as a toy that has texture during a masturbation session, they like it. The Splash, on the other hand, is still too much of a challenge for them at the time of this review.

Here’s where they rock my world and I’m going to suggest that if you have a vulva, I highly recommend you get both. I’m not really not that big a fan of butt stuff, but using them together as a matched set for dual penetration is heaven! The Splish drips stop at a point that is nice distance for my sphincters to rest, and it ads just a bit more intensity to the experience that is the Splash. Both hit on nerve endings I never knew I had. I can control the sensations by turning them and going for different angles. The best part is, there’s no one else there. It’s just me, owning my own penetration for no one else’s pleasure but mine!

Various inventory of both of these has fluctuated at both Tantus and SheVibe. At publish, they’re both still at Tantus. Seriously, hurry if you want the matched set!

UPDATE: The Splish and Splash have both been discontinued permanently.

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