Review: Tantus Slick

We were sent the large version of the Tantus Slick Large free for our honest review.

Basic Stats

The large Tantus Slick is a non-realistic dildo with a tapered head connected to a tapered shaft. There are two versions: a small and a large, which is what we received. It’s 5.25″ in circumference around the widest part of the head (1.67″ diameter), 4.5″ around the middle of the shaft (1.43″ diameter), and 5.25″/1.67″ again at the base of the shaft. The insertable length is 7″ measuring from the inside of the curve. It’s anal safe, with a thick, triangular base wider than the widest point of the dildo. The triangle “points” upwards with the curve. It’s made out of dual density silicone, meaning there’s a firm inner core and a soft, squishy outer layer. The head is playfully squishy.

Mary’s Experience

The Prototype

We first saw the Tantus Slick at Woodhull’s #SFS15, in the blogger lounge sponsored by Tantus.  I remember Metis Black, president of Tantus showing the Slick Small to Joan Price as an example of a short, narrow, squishy dildo that might be appropriate for some older people with vaginal atrophy (Joan’s expertise is senior sexuality). I was at the conference table happily squishing the large version, marveling at its triangular base and slight curve. Both of those toys were either prototypes without a final finish on the surface, or had been handled so much that their outer texture had become muddled. The Slicks we felt at Woodhull in 2015 were perceived as having a matte finish. Many of the “blog squad” have asked each other the same question: “The 2015 Tantus Slick prototype had a matte finish, didn’t it?”

I was really excited about receiving that version of the toy, and while I couldn’t try it out at the Woodhull conference, it was a pretty sure bet I’d love a matte finish version.

The Production Version

The Tantus Slick I received for review was the same squishy dual density and size, but with a shiny, high gloss finish. There isn’t a hint of matte texture anywhere on it. It’s still fun to squish, for sure, but if you’ll recall, Carrie has described the shiny Tantus finish as “a wet hand desperately trying to grip a balloon” so we decided not to have Carrie test this Slick. Actually, they refused flat out.

My previous expectation impacts how I feel about the final version of this toy. There’s a twinge of disappointment. Glossy silicone doesn’t behave like glass. It’s squeaky, no matter how much lube you use on it. Water-based lube beads up on the surface. The squeakiness of a high gloss finish can be painful for Carrie, and mildly annoying to me. I might not have had such strong feelings about this toy had I not seen the prototype. I was expecting a predictable matte finish drag. Although, I’ll admit, we haven’t used an oil-based or silicone-based lube, so your mileage may vary. It also picks up dust and pet hair easily.

Besides the tapered bulb head, the toy is void of any other internal features or texture. There’s a slight curve, but the floppiness of the toy means the curve doesn’t put any real pressure on places you might like pressure. I had to count on the head to do everything, and hoped the shiny silicone doesn’t squeak against the rest of my vulva. It did, but not painfully so. It didn’t pull pubic hair, which was a relief.

Don’t get me wrong. I may be disappointed in the finish, and think that a matte finish would serve this toy better, but I don’t hate this toy. My body just likes some even, predictable drag, like the Gary, and intense texture, like the Bound. Bulbous heads don’t really do much for me, personally, but they’re lauded by many sex toy testers as being excellent G-spot and prostate finders. Personally, that hasn’t been my experience, but everyone’s body is different. I think this toy is fantastic for vaginal use for people who don’t like a lot of texture.

One of the things I love about the Tantus Slick is the triangle base. This makes it super easy to hold. While the curve isn’t much, it has its uses, especially during partnered play. Partners where there’s a height difference or where the topping partner is larger will want the curve to point upwards for easy entry. If you do find that the curve and head are just right for your body, you’ll want to be able to maintain your directional grip. It’s also really thick, sturdy, and balanced so the toy stands on its own without flopping over.

For me, this is a good clenching toy, but it doesn’t do much else for me on its own. Paired with a vibe, I could easily hold it in place with my thighs and clench down, the bulb teasing my g-spot. That squish remains filling and bounces back easily. Although, once, the vibe died, and I didn’t have a fully charged replacement, so that put an abrupt end to the testing session.


If I hadn’t seen the prototype, I definitely would feel differently about the Tantus Slick. At $89, I don’t think it’s appropriate as a beginner’s toy. This would be better for someone who knows they like bulbous heads, doesn’t like texture at all, and wants a non-realistic dual-density dildo. Perhaps that’s who this toy was made for. The Tantus Slick is a great toy for a specific audience. That just isn’t either one of us.

Many thanks to Tantus for letting us try this! If you think it’s a good fit for you, please help support this blog by getting your Tantus Slick Large through the affiliate links here!

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