Review: Tantus Severin Medium

The Tantus Severin Medium is a two-stage silicone butt plug with some serious girth. The good folks at Tantus sent one to us for an unbiased review.

Basic Stats

The Tantus Severin Medium measures in with just over 4.5″ of insertable length and a 2″ diameter at its widest point. It has a shiny finish, and is solid, firm and weighty to hold. As always, it is made of Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium silicone. As such, it is easy to clean and sanitize in boiling water or a 10% bleach solution.

Carrie’s Experience

My experience with the Tantus Severin Medium was a little frustrating the first few times I used it. It’s important to point out, from the start, that this is a large plug. The solid silicone has very little squish to it, so that 2″ diameter, over half a foot in circumference, is exactly what you get.  The first time I tried to review it, I did the moderate amount of prep play and stretching beforehand, as I do with other larger toys, and I still couldn’t get over the second bulge.

Clearly, I had underestimated it. I demanded a rematch.

The second time, I spent much more time working up to that size. I wore a plug around the entire day beforehand, to get my body used to the feeling of being stretched a little and full inside. When it came time to start, I laid out a Fascinator Throe on the bed to catch stray lube and several dildos and vibrators to stretch myself. Steadily increasing in girth and firmness, I went until I was easily able to handle a glass toy with just over the girth of the Tantus Severin. When it finally came time to put the plug in, I let the widest point of the second bulge sit on my sphincter a bit before completing insertion, and it went in with little effort. It felt exactly as it looks: a large chunk of silicone in your ass that does not let you forget its girth. I’m more of a texture fan, which the Tatnus Severin lacks, but that filled butt feeling was definitely very pleasant.

And then I tried getting up from the bed. Before I could react, the Tantus Severin escaped my ass, bounced off the Throe, and landed on the floor with a lubey plap. Leaking lube myself, I scooped it up, rinsed it off, sprayed some toy cleaner on it, doused it in rubbing alcohol, rinsed again and re-lubed the toy. No matter how I tried or positioned, though, the thing just would not stay in. Frustrated, I resigned that it wasn’t going to happen that day, and cleaned up.

The final time I tried playing with the Tantus Severin, I had just used several anal toys the night before, and thought it might work since I was still a little loose, but not so stretched that it would try to make a run for it. That seemed to work – with a little stretching before, it went in and stayed in. I left it in for nearly an hour to get a feel for it: walking, standing, sitting, chores. That filled feeling was much more intense when I could actually stand up, walk around, and do things with it inside me, without the fear of it falling out. While it’s a given that a toy with girth needs a larger flared base, the base does feels a little bulky. Except for when I was sitting and could spread them a little, it did not rest very comfortably between my cheeks. It certainly does not let you forget that it is there – this is not a set it and forget it toy.


The Tantus Severin Medium, at over half a foot around at its widest point, is best suggested to more advanced anal players. It is simply not something you just plunge right in. At least not without either a little bit of work beforehand, or using a girthy plug for daily extended wear. It might look imposing, but remember to take it slow and work up to it, use plenty of lube, and just relax and enjoy yourself. Again, I’d suggest this toy to folks who are well-experienced in anal play and want that girthy toy feeling.

Thanks to Tantus for sending us this toy!

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