Review: Tantus Prostate Play

prostate playThe Tantus Prostate Play is the question mark of my anal play toys. How could something with so much going for it on paper not quite hit the mark for me in practice? While it was a comfortable toy and did deliver very powerful orgasms while it was behaving, a design issue would cause it to develop wanderlust. A big thanks to Tantus, who sent the Prostate Play to me for free for an honest and unbiased review.

On paper, the Tantus Prostate Play is a prostate massager with a slot for a bullet vibrator. It comes with a basic bullet vibe, and this review covers the one it came with. It can accommodate other bullet vibrators, like the We-Vibe Tango. It measures just a little over an inch in diameter at it’s largest and four inches insertable length. The toy itself has a bulbous head meant to rest against the prostate, along with a slim neck, followed by a larger body. Toward the base of the body is a set of ribs to help the toy stay in place. The base is anchor shaped, with a bulb that rests on the perineum. While the placeholder vibe is just ye olde bullet vibe, the toy itself is made with Tantus’ signature 100% ultra-premium grade silicone in a matte finish, and is completely non-porous.

Looks great, right? It should look great. I’d expect no less from Tantus, they know their stuff. And it feels great, too. It took a moment for me to insert it, as I instinctively wanted to put it in at an angle due to the angle of the head to the body. But after a little relaxation and a bit more lube, it went in just like any plug. The ribbing on the bottom of the body is an exciting sensation, but more on that later. The base is slim and contoured, and sits quite comfortably between the cheeks. The vibrating functions travel well through the toy, surprisingly even with the basic bullet vibe. Orgasms with the Prostate Play are much stronger after getting your prostate massaged and vibrated for a few minutes, especially if you practice Kegels while wearing it. I later pressed the Magic Wand on the Prostate Play while wearing it, and left holes in the sheets and claw marks in the ceiling. Very intense.

There is one design choice, though, that made this toy just not work for me as well as I’d have hoped. It has no real neck to speak of between the body of the toy and the anchor base. Now, I know WHY it is like that – there’s no real way of having a bullet vibe in the toy if the toy has a slim neck. A self-contained battery and vibrating motor system would have dramatically increased its price while making it less customizable with your vibe of choice. But it still has a bad case of escaping anal toy syndrome for my body. Once I’m loosened up enough for it, the ribbing, despite feeling great, doesn’t do the trick to keep it in place for me. What ends up happening is, just as I’m getting settled in for a session with it in, it starts wandering its way out.

My last session with the Prostate Play probably makes this point best. After getting the toy lubed up and inserted, it just wouldn’t stay in place at all. I’d let go and make my way to the bed, and it would start slipping out as soon as I let go and started walking. Now, I’m no stranger to Kegels, but even flexing my PC muscle didn’t seem to help much. I did a sort of odd shuffle (emphasis on odd, I’m a bit on the larger side) with my arm reached back to hold it until I could get to the bed. I turned on the vibrator and angled my hips down into the towel I’d set out to help keep it in, but this caused its own problems. First off, the angle was not comfortable, and I didn’t get as much pressure on my prostate as I wanted, and the perineum bulb didn’t make any contact at that angle. The vibrations were not only dampened by the towel and bed, but as I flexed my PC muscle, the button on the vibrator would trip and change the setting (!). When I did finally decide to make a go for it with some penile stimulation, I changed my hip positioning, and the toy nearly slid out as I climaxed, hanging on for dear life by the bulbous head and dangling precariously from my ass.

The other sessions before it were quite a bit better, mind you. It is a good toy, but if I could change the Prostate Play a little, it would have a slightly wider body and a slimmer neck with the ribbing near the base to help hold things in. Personally, I’d be particularly interested in a self-contained rechargeable version, especially if it had more of a neck. Keep in mind, I prefer my anal toys to hold themselves in unless I’m specifically trying to thrust with them. I like to have my hands free with plugs and vibrators so I can tease myself and masturbate, not to mention not having to reach around back to hold it in. If you don’t want to jack off with a prostate massager, or if you are not on the heavy side and can easily reach, this might be a good toy for you. I’ve got my eye on the Perfect Plug Plus; that looks like it would fit the bill for my butt nicely. Thanks again to the awesome people over at Tantus for sending this to me for review. You can find the Prostate Play, and many other amazing toys, on their website.

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