Review: Tantus Plunge Paddle

Tantus Plunge Paddle

The Tantus Plunge Paddle is a 100% silicone paddle in a line of impact toys from one the top industry trailblazers in premium silicone. We’ve been wanting to try this one because unlike the rest of the toys in the line, the handle is rounded, meaning it can be inserted! We love our Femdom kink play, so were very excited to try this out!

The Specs

Many Tantus toys feature a shiny finish and stiffer texture, but the plunge is a matte finish in black. If you own cats or shedding dogs, prepare to use proper toy storage or give this a rinse before use. Cat hair will stick to it, although it’s not as bad at attracting lint as some other matte silicone finishes. The flexible paddle portion is 6¼” long and 3⅛” wide on the “business end” (here, the paddle half – how I’d refer to any paddle or flogger’s impact portion) and 6″ long and 1¼” in diameter on the rigid handle end.

One item of concern is all of the impact play line are designed with a hole at the base of the handle, for a price tag and something to hang on a hook. Ours came with a tag and little plastic fastener thing (if you know what these are called, please state it in the comments below). Yes, this can be felt, and yes, it is a bitch to clean.

Tantus Plunge Handle Hole Closeup

Carrie’s Experience

Being on the receiving end of this delicious toy was heaven. For impact, the velvet texture, combined with the weight, offered a honey-smooth caress after each satisfying smack, and the flexibility of the paddle meant that it covered a larger surface area on impact. And impact it has in spades – it really doesn’t take much force to get a good smack, and even a light spank can really smart! It took Mary some trial and error (on my ass) before getting the hang of it, but it was oh so worth it when she did.

Tantus Plunge Paddle Handle With HandAs for insertion, it was just the right girth to insert rather comfortably, just the right length to have the head sit directly on my prostate, and that same honey-smooth matte finish on the paddle made for a delightful drag when thrusting. I could feel the hole that the tag went through in the head, but it wasn’t a bad sensation. Actually, it helped add a little nuanced texture to the drag of the Plunge’s finish.

After a few minutes of feeling that drag while thrusting, she inserted it fully, letting the head sit right on my prostate. Playfully tapping and swatting the paddle end, letting it bounce up and down, made the head of the dildo massage my prostate. She also put the edge of the paddle end to her lips and hummed a tune. I don’t know if that was the last straw, or that the thought had finally sunk in that she was fucking me with a paddle, but it wasn’t long after the playful bouncing and humming that I had one of the biggest p-spot orgasms I’ve had in a really long time.

Not to overuse food metaphors, but really, the best word for it is delicious.

Mary’s Experience

As an impact implement, I was surprised at the amount of bite the Tantus Plunge has. This is not your beginner’s cardboard paddle. The silicone is flexible. This means, with the right flick of the wrist, you can really unleash a wallop! I like paddles better than whips in general because of the control. The Plunge was hard to get used to at first, as a flexible implement, and I’d suggest taking a few practice shots at a pillow or the like before introducing it to your partner’s backside. I got the hang of it after a bit, and liked the fact that the handle was round – much more ergonomic than the typical flat handle. I felt more in control. A flexible handle after that length of flexible silicone would have felt like wielding sheets of paper. I did like the fact that I didn’t need something separate for varied sensation. I found using the paddle’s handle to tease and offer insertion play added a new dynamic to the mix, and it was much easier to keep track of which side of the paddle had the right angle for the ball tip.

When used solo, the plunge handle is no joke. It’s rigid. It will coax your G-Spot with its heavenly matte silicone drag, and then it will steamroll right over it, giving no fucks and then pummel it with pressure as you thrust. That, of course, is if you can get a “handle” on the handle.

Tantus Plunge Bending with HandI think my issue here is my issue, but if you’re built like me, you should be aware. I’ve never been one to want to fuck random objects that aren’t typical sex toys, so I was acutely aware that I was fucking a paddle with a flimsy business end. Grabbing a hold of this thing and getting it to do what I wanted where I wanted was next to impossible. I’d get some really good thrusts in and get really close, and then my foot would slip on the sheets and my leg would go down and then it was all over. I’d get a really nice rhythm going, holding the paddle end between my thighs and grinding, but as I wanted thrusting, I became more frustrated. Finally, I decided to just go for the clit orgasm and hope for something somewhat blended. It didn’t happen, but the orgasm was powerful enough. Clenching down did feel really good. If the handle had been just a bit longer, using it this way would have been a much more satisfying experience. Like Carrie, I could feel the hole, and actually liked the extra sensation internally. It scraped against the front wall of my vag just barely noticeably. However, when it was time to clean it, I wished I had pipe cleaners.


If Tantus could make one improvement to this toy, it would be to get rid of the hole. This thing really is fantastic, and you should get one.

You can get it directly from Tantus, where they’ll also send you stickers and other cool swag, or you could get it from SheVibe, who will draw badass art on the box if you request it. Of course, if you’re also picking up specialty BDSM gear, you can add one to your cart at The Stockroom, too!

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