Review: Tantus Juice

IMG_20150615_011857[1]Normally, when playing with anal toys, “juice” is usually something you lay a towel down for beforehand or expect to clean up after. But in this case, I was playing with Juice from Tantus, who graciously sent it, among other toys, for an honest review.

The Tantus Juice is what I’d consider a late beginner to early intermediate plug. Measuring in at 4 inches insertable length and just shy of an inch and a half in diameter, it’s definitely larger than a probe-type toy, and slightly larger than most plugs for beginners. With a satin-smooth matte finish, it won’t drag and pull when you push the toy in. It is ribbed lengthwise in a way reminiscent of a hand press juicer, like something grandma might have had in her kitchen. Wow, sorry for that imagery… Though, I’m sure someone has thought to try to put it up there. And, of course, being a Tantus toy, it is made with their unique 100% premium medical-grade silicone: completely body safe and non-porous.

Lubing the toy up, I found the lube wanted to collect in the long channels along the Juice. Not that it was hard to lube up; I only mention it because the toy had more lube on it than I was expecting because of how it looked. There was some minor clean up after it was in. When in doubt, more lube is better than not enough, but if you’re experienced with anal toys and think you’ve put enough on, chances are you probably have.

IMG_20150615_012122[1]Insertion was surprisingly easy, considering its girth. I think it might have something to do with the way the Tantus Juice is ribbed.  While the lengthwise ribs didn’t add much in the way of sensation, it didn’t feel quite as wide as it was. With a little relaxation, I was able to push it in in one try, with a satisfyingly filling thump telling me it wasn’t going anywhere. As I said before, there was a little more cleanup than I was expecting, probably because I used just a touch too much lube, and I was wearing fun things I didn’t want to get messy.

From there, I wore it around a little bit. Walking, stairs, cooking, sitting. At one point, I had to bend over and clean something. At no time was it uncomfortable or felt like it was going to fall out. The difference between the bulb at its widest and the neck was perfect, and the silicone had plenty of give to it to move with my body. While the Juice gave me that amazingly comfortable, happy filled-butt feeling, I have to admit that, once it was in place, the ribbing did nothing further for me. I could not feel them much, if at all – only when I shifted weight in my chair or really flexed my hips. And even then, it was very subtle.

IMG_20150615_012256[1]Removal was just as easy as putting it in, leaving me feeling empty and hungry for more anal play later with Mary. Warm water and soap or toy cleaner is all this needs for cleaning, though you can boil it, put it in the dishwasher if it has a sanitize setting, or use a 10% bleach solution if you’re feeling ambitious.

If you’ve explored the back door with fingers, probes, dildos, penises, etc. and are looking for something more, the Tantus Juice is a great find. If you’re not a fan of heavy texturing in your anal toys, this will work great, too. If you love larger toys, or are in need of that texture, you may want to have a look at something a little more complex. It’s a big ass world of toys out there.

Thanks to Tantus for sending us this great little plug – all month long there’s a sale on butt toys!

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