Review: Tantus Gary

Tantus Gary dildo leaning on a candleTantus Gary was the first dildo we used with the Orgasmatronics X2 Orgasmatron, and the first time we’d played with the 7″ realistic wonder. It resulted in an incredibly intense, squirting orgasm literally within seconds. Gary is all business and all pleasure.

Basic Stats

The Tantus Gary is a part of the Tantus O2 line, and is very similar to the larger Uncut, but imagine the foreskin pulled back. Gary stands 7″ tall, about 1.5″ in diameter through the entire length. It’s squishy, but firm enough to feel each of the individual details. It’s textured just past the head where it counts, with vein detail around the shaft. The finish is matte, so there is a bit of drag, but isn’t too bad at collecting pet hair or lint – it’s not tacky. You’ll need quite a bit of water-based lube. The base is thick, round, and stays in a harness well.  To clean, you will need to get in the grooves, which may require a little extra attention, but it is simple to sanitize by dropping it in boiling water for a few minutes since it’s 100% platinum cured silicone.

Mary’s Experience

I think I’m warming to realistic dildos. The Tantus Gary is one of my favorites right now. It’s the most real realistic I’ve tried, and not because of its aesthetics.  It’s pretty flexible, so there isn’t a lot of G-spot pressure. It makes up for this by contouring itself internally and leveraging ribbing and drag to grab the vaginal walls in a particular way, something that’s only ever happened with Carrie’s penis. Carrie’s penis is perfectly angled to provide G-Spot pressure in two specific positions. The thing that drives me over the edge is Carrie has a skin condition, so even their penis and fingers are rather rough. So, the Gary is far more realistic to me just by virtue of sensation than anything else. Personally, I don’t think it’s overly textured, but if your vagina or butt is super sensitive and you like smooth dildos, this may be too intense for you. It is not anywhere near as intense as the Bound.20160228_172117

When combined with the X2 Orgasmatron, I was immediately treated to a blended orgasm. It took me by surprise. This was Carrie’s penis on a jackhammer. By hand, the Gary is fantastic as both a thrustable and a clencher. When thrusting, I can discern the detail while going slowly, especially while twisting, and I really love that the length allows me to curve it up a bit to grab hold, dampening G-Spot stimulation. It is a lube hog when I’m going for a slow build.  I have a tendency to want to thrust quickly after I’m warmed up, and that feels best with a vibrator on my clit. Clenching on the Tantus Gary while using a vibrator or wand is heavenly, too, and the length prevents my vaginal contractions from pushing it out.

Harness-wise, you’ll love this if you or your partner are larger. The 7″ length and sturdy base mean business in a harness. It will point downward against your leg as you’re walking around, due to the weight of the head, but in use I found I had good control.

Carrie’s Experience

When Gary arrived, I compared it to the other toys that came in the shipment and thought “I love the detail, but this just looks a bit too long.” It looked like it might be too big to fully go down on, would take a bit of warm up to use anally, and I might not be able to get the whole toy in.

Tangus Gary in handGlad to say I was wrong on all accounts. The squishy, dual density silicone gives this toy quite a bit of give compared to other stiff silicone toys, while still maintaining a firm core for better control over more “floppy” silicone toys. The finish looks and feels very realistic, both in the hand and in the mouth. I found, much to both Mary (who was wearing it in a strap-on) and my surprise, that I was actually able to deep throat the entire dildo without feeling like it was jamming into the back of my throat due to the give that Gary has.

The textures on this toy felt amazing in the mouth, but they really came through during anal play. The realistic finish made for a nice slight drag throughout the entire insertion, and helped really define the differing textures. From that initial bulbous head “pop,” there is this delightful irregular rippling effect that the foreskin creates, before diving headlong into the non-symetrical veins that bulge out halfway down the shaft. Removing and re-inserting repeatedly felt like cycling through all these amazing different textures, but all from the same toy. Best part: because the “stiff” silicone core in Gary starts just after the foreskin, the warm-up I needed was minimal – for my first solo play, I just wore the Juice plug around for a few hours, same as I would with just about any anal session. Also, during solo play, I was able to experience inserting the whole toy down to the base because the toy has just the right amount of give at the tip.

Honestly, I love this toy about as much as the Uncut #2, which is to say, I love it.


We love our Tantus Gary. If you’re looking for a realistic, harness-compatible dual density silicone dildo with moderate texture and matte finish, we think you’ll fall in love with Gary, too. The only downside for us, really, is that our liquor store guy is named Gary.

Tantus sent us Gary in exchange for a completely honest, unbiased review and we’d like to thank them for introducing us to such a fantastic dildo. You can get yours directly from the Tantus shop, and you might find a discount code or special through our Sales & Specials page.

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