Review: Tantus G-Force

Tantus G Force

The Tantus G-Force was an impulse buy, and my first Tantus purchase direct from their website. The Grab Bags were on sale, and I was a thrusting dildo beginner. The G-Force shape looked like it would work for both of us. Our grab bag color: neon pink. I’m not a fan of pink, but at least it wasn’t 70’s avocado green. The G-Force possesses a nice wubba wubba flexibility that is incredibly tempting to play swordfight with.

Can I take a moment and suggest that to the sex blogging community? Could we raise funds for Dildology by getting together and staging Tantus handle dildo swordfights? Because that just sounds like fun. Of course, that could also potentially be dangerous. There was the time I was joking around and threw the G-Force at Carrie and knocked their drink over, spilling it onto his keyboard and the carpet in the next room. OK, so maybe swordfighting dildos isn’t the best idea. But it does make for effective therapy fodder when threatening teenage children and gets those damn kids off your lawn PDQ.

Like most nonporous toys in our arsenal, we both tried this out, both together and each solo, so we’ve each written a about our experiences.

Mary’s Experience

Let’s get this out of the way: the Tantus G-Force is a good toy, but it isn’t for me. I was thinking something smooth and thin would be the starting point to move move to larger toys and those with texture, so I thought I should start here. I should have known that fantasizing about the Stronic Drei meant that I probably should have started off with the Echo Handle, or for just velvety drag, the LELO Ella.

Tantus G Force in handThe Tantus G-Force is a smooth, bulbous end on a narrow curved shaft attached to a textured handle. The handle is fantastic for big folks like me, self-anal play, and anyone with reach issues. It’s firm without being forceful. The design is great, anatomically. As a beginner’s G-Spotter, this looks perfect on paper.

It glides cleanly over the G-spot when lubed properly. It’s long enough to satisfy any depth of penetration. The only drag felt is when the lube runs out. It’s not a happy, velvety, seductive drag, though. It’s an ouchie pulling drag. I noticed this the most at the entrance of my vagina. This is where the texture of the handle became a great asset, as it made the dildo easier to hold on to with all the lube wielding.

While it has all the hallmarks of a great G-spotter, to me it feels…meh. The bulb is apparent, but it doesn’t arrive with any fanfare. Because the silicone is flexible, there’s very little pressure on the G-spot during thrusting. It keeps trying to “unfold” so when using the handle while lying on your back, the pressure is to the back of the vagina, away from where I want pressure.

I did climax with very intense clitoral orgasms. No manner of vigorous thrusting could bring about a blended orgasm. Still, it was nice to have something to clench around. I just wasn’t able to get the sensation I wanted without grasping in the middle, where it’s slippery, and frankly, what’s the point of the handle if I have to do that?

Carrie’s Experience

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this toy. You see, I’m a bit of a texture fiend, and enjoy prostate orgasms without having to masturbate with my penis, so the simplicity of this toy’s design both works for it and against it. Simply, with proper lubrication, it inserts easily and with little warm up, is a good girth for play and is a perfect length for stimulating the prostate. Unfortunately, again, due to its simplicity, that’s all I can say about it. There is no texture to speak of except “shiny smooth.”

The first time Mary used it on me, I was already very aroused, so I had a very easy time climaxing – all the simple things worked right together for an amazing orgasm once I was already worked up. The second time we used it together, we were doing a refresher after a few weeks so we could do a proper review, and I wasn’t turned on much at all. While pleasant, that simplicity worked against it. It didn’t have that texture that can turn me on and get me off all in one toy.

During solo play, I liked to remove and insert the head to feel that repeated penetration, because that’s all the texture this has to it. The handle is a big plus, making it easy to avoid contorting into any awkward yoga poses, but it was hard to get off with it while playing solo, at least without focusing more on jerking off than on thrusting.

That said, if you’re really not into texture, and are looking for a well-crafted and body-safe toy for prostate play, this has everything else going for it and would be perfect for you – my ass just prefers more complexity.

Final Thoughts

Shiny silicone likes to pick up dust, dirt, and cat hair, and the Tantus G-Force is no exception. Be prepared to clean it before and after use, and maybe get a really big Sugar Sak bag.


The usual silicone cleaning methods apply. Boiling these handle dildos is interesting. You need a really big pot to boil them in. I don’t trust my dishwasher to get hot enough, but 10% bleach works. You’ll want to do this before threatening room mates, your teenagers, those damn kids on the lawn, or keyboards. We’ve dubbed it the Boomerwang.

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