Review: Tantus Duchess

20160314_192251The Tantus Duchess is the O2 version of the Tantus Duke. It comes with a bullet vibrator in the base, but accommodates other long bullets or the Tantus Suction Cup in the hole. Despite all of these features, we didn’t love it. The Tantus Duchess was provided free by Tantus for our unbiased review, which explains why.

Basic Stats

20160314_192227The Tantus Duchess is girthy, with the head coming in at 1.8″ in diameter and the shaft at 1.6″. It’s 6.5″ long, making it appear short and stout. The base is round and sturdy, making it anal-safe and compatible with a harness, although the large head and odd size shaft mean you’ll have to select your O-ring carefully. In the base is a hole for the included bullet vibe, a waterproof one-speed N-battery long bullet. You’ll need to put some lube in the hole when using it with a bullet for easy removal. Using it with the bullet may prove difficult in a harness, since the included bullet’s button is on the base. It’s made from body-safe silicone, so without the bullet it can be boiled to sanitize after cleaning with regular soap and water. The head is a shiny silicone, while the shaft is matte.

Mary’s Experience

I’ve used this thing in a lot of different ways, and overall, I can’t say I love it. I don’t hate it, either, though. The hardest reviews are the ones about things that you don’t have much emotion for one way or another. This is one of those items for me. It has girth going for it, and I do like the bulbous head. Th3 corner edge of the head works with its girth on my G-Spot, but it’s not enough pressure. My handheld sex machine, the X2 Orgasmatron, does wonders for this dildo, but it does wonders for just about everything. It comes in pink, which is what I was sent, which I hate, so it’s not even physically attractive to me.

As a Vibrator

20160314_192352The vibrator this comes with is one speed, vibrates mostly the shaft, and is simple to operate. I can see using it as a clit vibe while using the Tantus Duchess as a dildo. I replaced it with the We-Vibe Tango for deeper vibrations. The silicone of the Tantus Duchess dampens the vibrations significantly, especially as you get farther away from the vibe. Internally, the vibrations are felt more intensely in the shaft, and not quite where I would like them. It was just…meh.

As a Dildo

Without vibration, the pronounced head and coronal edge became far more prominent. I like texture, and that corner-ish edge felt really, really good. The whole thing was very filling, so the head did reach my G-Spot, and I could thrust to get that edge to wake it up. It’s the only texture this toy really has. The shaft creates a bit of drag at the entrance of my vagina, but my vag wants more. I kept wanting to thrust faster and faster, and it was so incredibly frustrating that I physically wasn’t capable. I settled for clenching, but the girth was too distracting.

As An X2 Attachment

I used the We-Vibe Tango as a clit vibe and strapped the Tantus Duchess into the X2 Orgasmatron. This was a winning combo. I still thrusted hard to get the G-Spot stimulation I wanted; the X2 is more of a jiggling than a thrusting. It was still work, and I had to focus on holding the Tango in place. This was no easy feat for a large person with short arms. It worked out fantastically, but I’m not into exerting that much effort into my masturbation sessions. Carrie lent me a hand during one of the testing sessions, and that was equally satisfying with much less effort.

I’m happy to have had this experience, but I’m not sure it was exactly right for me. If the Tantus Duchess were on Tinder, I would have swiped right to give it a chance, and then things would have fizzled out quickly, no hard feelings. We just didn’t click. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Carrie’s Experience

I came to the conclusion in first examining the Tantus Dutchess, that for everything it had going for it, there was something I knew wasn’t working for me. It’s dual-density, but had little detail. It has matte finish on the shaft, but shiny, smooth silicone on the head. It has girth and a good length, but I could tell that the corner on the coronal ridge was going to squeegee my insides, and not in a fun way.

It took some warm-up to be ready for the Tantus Dutchess. The bulbous head has no point on it; it just shows up and says “Hiya sphincter! I’m here now, lets go!” before barging into your house and drinking your beer. It didn’t even wipe it’s feet before walking in. And it does so with all the pleasant internal sensations of a wet hand desperately trying to grip a balloon. With each thrust, I could feel that squeek-eek-eek as the smooth head grabbed the walls of my anal cavity, and each time I pulled the toy back, the ridge roughly scrapped over the skin that had just been annoyed. I could only handle about five minutes with it before I had to stop, and it wasn’t for lack of lube – I had it dripping from everywhere. More lube only seemed to make the squeek/scrape more pronounced with the shiny, smooth silicone head. Sadly, I wasn’t going to get off with this toy.


The Tantus Duchess is a body-safe, girthy dildo with included vibrator. With a large, shiny head and matte shaft, it features little detail beyond an edge at the base of the head. It was easy to clean and sanitize, and fits well in a harness. It just didn’t seem to do a single thing particularly well for us.

Thanks to our friends at Tantus for letting us try this one out!

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