Review: Tantus Bound

Tantus BoundThe Tantus Bound is the most textured dildo we’ve ever tried. That’s great for us, since we’re both total texture sluts. When Tantus asked us what we’d like to review it was at the top of our list. We were thrilled when it arrived, and tl;dr: it did not disappoint! Thank you, Tantus, for sending us this awesome dildo in exchange for our unbiased review.


Originally a collaboration between Tantus and SheVibe, the Bound is a harness-compatible dildo that looks like a rock hard penis bound by spiraling rope. Veins bulge and the rope detail is exquisite. Made of 100% platinum-cured matte-finish silicone, the Bound comes in cream, cocoa, or black. Ours is cocoa, which allows for better photographing. It’s 1.5″ in diameter at its widest point, and has 6.25″ of insertable length.  It’s bendable, but not squishy, and there’s quite a bit of drag. In spite of this, it doesn’t seem to attract cat hair as badly as other matte silicone, so it gets bonus points for that! We recommend cleaning it carefully with an old toothbrush due to the texture, and boiling to sterilize regularly.

Mary’s Experience

Tantus Bound in handI have wanted the Bound since Tantus posted the first teaser images of it. Even though I’m not a huge fan of realistic dildos, the Tantus Bound is a work of art dedicated to bondage, shibari, cock & ball torture, and FemDom play. It’s sexy. It’s whimsical. It’s fuckable. It’s also really intense. That’s going to be a recurring theme here. This is not a squishy dildo where you’ll just be able to feel the rope detail. You’ll be able to feel everything, and if that scares you, I suggest you pick up something from their dual density O2 line or start your texture journey with the Splish. I found the length and diameter just right for its intensity.

If you have a vagina and like intense or interesting textures, add this to your masturbation arsenal now. Masturbating vaginally with the Bound is an other worldly experience – like nothing else I’ve tried. The Bound is not for the faint of heart, or weak of orifice. It’s a lube hog, and the kind of toy I reach for during long masturbation sessions. While it’s not curved enough to put pressure on my G-Spot, it’s fantastic with a clit vibe. When I just want something in me that I can feel while using a wand, it acts as a plug to clench around upon orgasm. This is where the Bound excels, but it’s versatile enough to fit my vagina’s various moods. As a slow tease, I can feel every bump and ridge, and I enjoy thrusting s-l-o-w-l-y with it. One of my favorite sensations is to twist it inside of me. There are also times I want a lot of intensity and fast thrusting, so it’s my go-to for that, too.

Harness-wise, we found the base to be rather flimsy for pegging. If there’s any room for improvement for this toy, it’s a thicker base so it doesn’t get pulled through the o-ring of simpler harnesses. Pay particular attention to lube, the size of your o-ring, and angle if you’re using it this way, though, and you should be fine. Other than that minor design suggestion, I have no criticisms. I love this dildo.

Carrie’s Experience

Tantus Bound frenulum knotsThe first time I experienced the Bound was through strap-on play with Mary. It took a little warming up with some other dildos before she switched to the Bound. I could feel the difference immediately. It has so very little give, and the detail is unreal. It took me a moment just to get my head around the head! The thrusting was too much for me at that point, there was just too much texture and a lot of drag to really get into it. I called it off after only a few thrusts, which was convenient as the base was starting to come out of the o-ring.

It wasn’t until I tried solo that I understood why. With all that detail, the Bound is a bit of a lube hog, and we probably weren’t using enough the first time. After warming up with other toys, I put on what I thought was probably too much lube, then put some more on. That did the trick. I could feel every last rope, vein and bulge on each thrust. Again, the toy has so little give, it commands your ass to work around it instead of with it. That’s not a bad thing – with all the texture the Bound has, that’s quite the anal workout for this texture fiend. It was a “hearing colors and seeing music” kind of intense.

Final Thoughts

As much as we enjoyed it, we know the Bound may be too intense for some. We also hope to see future generations of the toy with a thicker/sturdier base for peggers. If you want an anal toy with more give and flexibility, or if lots of texture puts you off, you may find the Tantus G-Force to be a better option for you (plus it’s got a handle).

We confidently recommend the Tantus Bound to fellow texture sluts. If you’re anything like us, you need to add this to your collection!

You can order yours directly from Tantus, who also have some awesome specials right now!

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