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Sola Cue leaning on a candle

In the sex toy landscape, a lot of vibrators look alike – colorful, with a predictable shape, promises of strong or rumbly vibrations on the box. Many consumers pick out a toy on looks and price, find it has buzzy vibrations or user-unfriendly features, and conclude vibrators are not for them. You can’t always tell what vibrators are going to stand out from looks alone. When I first saw the Sola Cue, even I assumed it was nothing special. Sure, it came in a lovely soft blue, eschewing the traditional pink and purple, but it didn’t look like it would be anything unique. Looks can be deceiving. The Sola Cue is an example of a good vibrator.

Basic Stats

The Sola Cue is a rechargeable, silicone-coated vibrator that only comes in slate blue. The silicone has a smooth finish, with a separate piece in a darker blue, obviously glued at the back of the base, but not in a way that takes from its aesthetic. It features a soft upward curve with a round head. Controls are located on the handle, which is shaped to a point in the center, so you know where the curve is pointing in use.

It’s suitable for both vaginal and external use, but it is not anal safe. It’s waterproof, too, although I did not submerge mine beyond regular cleaning.

There are 5 ascending speeds and 5 function patterns, which you can scroll through with the + or – buttons. Hold the + button for a couple of seconds to turn on, and the – button for a few seconds to turn it off. Unlike some other toys, pressing the – button to turn it off does not turn it down to the previous mode in the cycle unless you let go. This is a feature for me, especially since on low speed, pressing the – button once takes it to the final high-speed function. I really appreciate being able to turn it down and then off without shocking my vulva with a sudden jolt of speed.

Sola Cue charging port and chargerThe Sola Cue measures 7.5″ long, with about 5″ insertable, and is 1.5″ in diameter at the widest point. The charging port at the the back of the handle and it comes with a proprietary USB charger that is similar to the Blush Noje W3 charger. The magnet that holds the tiny pin in the port’s hole is finicky. I’d love these to have stronger magnets to hold them in place better. A full charge lasts an hour and a half.

There is a 5-year warranty, but read the manual close: you’re required to keep the box to make a warranty claim. It also includes a storage bag.

It runs about $80-100, depending on the shop.

Mary’s Experience

A lot of toys advertise rumbly vibrations, but the Sola Cue actually makes good on this claim. The lower 3 speeds are the most rumbly, and it is powerful. Using this internally, the lower two speeds are most comfortable for me. Clitorally, I prefer the 3rd speed the most, and occasionally jump up to the slightly buzzier 4th speed to finish. The highest vibration speed is an even split between buzzy and rumbly, but not painfully so.

As a clit vibe, the vibrations are somewhere between pinpoint and broad. The silicone skin is thin around the hard plastic casing underneath, so the vibrations aren’t dampened. Vibrations are focused and enjoyable. If you’re more a fan of broad stimulation, a wand or the We-Vibe Wish are probably more up your alley. If you like super-pinpoint stimulation, you’re probably better off getting a pinpoint vibe like the We-Vibe Tango.

In fact, Peepshow Toys, who was kind enough to send the Cue, has it for $79.50 right now (plus 10% off with code: mary), and that’s only 50 cents more than the Tango by itself. The Sola Cue gives you the option of internal vibrations as well as external. It’s definitely not a budget toy, but I wouldn’t call it “luxury” either. Again, so much of this toy seems middle-of-the-road at first glance, but I like it so much.

Sola Cue lying on its side

The middle section of the Sola Cue is slightly flexible. I was worried that it would be difficult to get the pressure I needed, but I didn’t have a problem at all. The head is just the right size and shape for my body. I was surprised just how much my G-spot responded to it. I was able to angle it just right, and the lower-end steady vibrations woke my G-spot up in the most delightful way. The function speeds were a bit too much, but I prefer steady vibration anyway.

Sola Cue buttonsThe pointed handle aligns with the curve and bulb of the head. In theory, it should work like Tantus’ brief foray into triangular bases. In practice, it only works if your hands aren’t covered in lube. It can slip and twist sideways. Additionally, the buttons are at the apex of the point on the handle, making them hard to tell apart from one another. The vertical line of the + button is in alignment with that corner, and the button indicators are part of the silicone coating, with the buttons themselves underneath. The buttons aren’t raised at all, either, meaning you really have to feel for them and focus on which one you’re pressing.

For me, the negatives aren’t a deal-breaker. The Sola Cue provides the right kind of vibration and stimulation for me. The subtle shape and limited flexibility are just right. Middle-of-the-road doesn’t have to mean lackluster. It can mean just right.


Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending this toy for this honest review! You can get 10% off any order with coupon code: mary at checkout!

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