Review: Sir Richard’s ELEMENT PM

Sir Richards ELEMENT PM

Sir Richard’s ELEMENT PM is a silicone vibrating prostate massager. SheVibe provided it to us.

Basic Stats

Sir Richards ELEMENT PM in handSir Richard’s ELEMENT PM is made from medical-grade platinum silicone. It measures about 3.75″ insertable, 4.25″ in total length, and is about .75″ at its widest point. The toy is USB rechargeable, using magnetic leads on the base. It has two vibrating motors: one that sits in the insertable arm for prostate massage, and one that sits in the base for perineum stimulation. These motors can work together or independently, depending on which of the six functions you are using.

There are three control buttons on the base of the ELEMENT PM: a “+” button to start the toy and increase intensity, a “-” button to decrease intensity and turn it off, and a “~” button to cycle through the toy’s functions. The ELEMENT PM remembers which function was last used and starts with that when you turn it on. Pressing and holding the “~” and “+” buttons together activates a travel lock to prevent the toy from accidentally starting, and can be unlocked the same way.

Being completely sealed in the silicone, it is waterproof, and can be cleaned with soap and water and sanitized with a 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol. Due to the electronics in the toy, sanitizing using boiling or a high-heat dishwasher is not recommended.

Carrie’s Experience

Hoo boy, where to start…

Sir Richard’s ELEMENT PM, while powerful, is buzzy as fuck. Both motors, even on the lowest settings, are just irritatingly buzzy. And on the highest settings? Think really angry bees. After the initial recommended eight hour charge – yes, eight hours, for an hour and a half of misery – I was finally ready to test it out in my hands. The silicone rocker buttons are incredibly stiff, and I had to dig my nail down into the silicone to get the toy to start and cycle through functions and intensities. If it was that hard to press the buttons while gripping it with my whole hand, just how was this going to work when lubed up and in my ass?

After lubing Sir Richard’s ELEMENT PM, I noticed something: the arm and the controls on the base are a solid piece under all that silicone, and the arm is nearly perpendicular to the base. The neck of the insertable arm has no give to it, and with no angle on the arm, the toy has no leverage to put pressure on the prostate or hold itself in. And at .75″, that body was too slim compared to the neck to hold the toy in after lubing. This toy repeatedly fell out during testing, getting ass lube everywhere. I’m glad I put that Throe down first.

Sir Richards ELEMENT PM ButtonsBack to those buttons. Because the buttons were so stiff, and the toy had no leverage, and the base has such a low profile, every time I went to press a button, the toy just pushed further into me. Unless you have a sphincter of steel, this toy doesn’t have the resistance needed to push the buttons until it is buried to the hilt in your ass and cannot physically go in you any further. Strangely, it was only when trying to press the buttons when the head would make contact with my prostate, rewarding me with an irritating buzz.  But by that point, my hand was covered in lube.

Again, I’m glad I put that Throe down.

Sir Richard’s ELEMENT PM is long enough to reach the prostate, but again, with no way of managing pressure to the prostate, it repeatedly missed the mark when it wasn’t annoyingly grazing it with an apathetic buzz. I dutifully tested all patterns at the lowest, highest and a medium setting, and all I got for my efforts was a messy hand and a numb asshole. In the end, the only good use I found for it was getting the lube every goddamn where so that inserting a better toy was easier.

Just be sure to have a Throe handy.


For me, Sir Richard’s ELEMENT PM looked really good on paper, but had some serious flaws that made using it unenjoyable. As it is, I just can’t recommend it – there are better prostate massage toys out there. If you’re new to prostate massage, and are looking for something with unimposing girth, I’d recommend one the the several toys by Aneros. If you’re looking for an anal toy that vibrates, stick around: I have something in my review queue that might be just right for you.


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Thanks again to SheVibe for letting us test this toy!

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