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Satisfyer 2

The Satisfyer 2 is another “suckling” toy, using light suction and puffs of air to directly stimulate the clitoris. I’ve already tried the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, and Satisfyer was kind enough to send me this model. Here is my honest review.

Basic Stats

Satisfyer 2 mouth opening with silicone insert in placeThe Satisfyer 2 is white with rose gold accents with a much longer and slimmer hand than the Penguin. It’s made of body-safe ABS plastic and silicone. The “mouth” is circular, at an angle, with a silicone insert that’s removable for cleaning. I’ve been unable to find replacement inserts anywhere, so care must be taken not to lose or damage it. The insert is cushier than the Penguin.

It’s battery powered, taking two AAA batteries. There’s a power button and two speed buttons on a rocker. This is what I appreciated about this toy the most: the ability to turn the speed down upon orgasm. There are 11 speeds.

To clean, remove the silicone insert and wash with soap and running water. Use soapy water and a cotton swab inside the chamber. Use a cotton swab to dry the inside of the chamber.

It’s supposedly waterproof, but you should check out this post by Sexbloggess on water getting into not just her Satisfyer 2, but other reviewers reporting the same problem. I, too, ended up with not one, but two problem Satisfyers.

Mary’s Experience

Satisfyer 2 ButtonsThe first Satisfyer 2 I had didn’t work at all. It didn’t turn on. I was sent a replacement, and all seemed to be well.

The suckling/air puff sensations are thuddier at low speeds. I preferred the second and third speeds. The higher speeds feel like very intense vibration and feel buzzier the higher you go. Anything beyond level 5 was painful. The stimulation is direct and pinpoint. I found it very easy to climax at lower speeds.

The longer handle is appreciated, but the buttons, particularly the + button, are closer to the chamber than I would like. It would make more sense for them to be placed farther down the toy. It’s as though they designed the handle mainly for battery storage, and didn’t think about button placement.

My favorite thing about the Satisfyer 2 is the ability to turn the intensity down upon orgasm. I’ve heard folks say that orgasm can be painful with these toys. The sensation just does not let up, and if it’s removed from the skin, stimulation stops entirely and the toy gets loud, ruining my climax. With a vibrator, I can decrease the pressure, and thus, the intensity upon orgasms. I still prefer vibrators I can turn down once I orgasm, but overall I prefer vibrators to these types of suckling toys for that reason. I was so excited about this feature.

Then I noticed how loud it seemed to get with each testing session.

When not covering skin, these toys tend to be much louder anyway. But my Satisfyer 2 started getting louder even while attached to my clitoris. Something didn’t seem quite right. It didn’t feel as powerful. When I detached it from my body the final time, it was even louder than before I started.

Satisfyer 2 chamber with arrow pointing to membrane tearI went to clean it, and noticed a tear in the membrane that creates the suckling and air puffs. There’s now water in my Satisfyer 2 that I can’t get out. I could have asked for yet another, I suppose, but I’d taken several weeks to fully test it, and no more testing was needed. As much as I liked the toy, I’m lazy and prefer to masturbate with a vibrator without taking my underwear off. There wasn’t much chance I’d use this again.

Unfortunately, the Satisfyer 2 does not come with a warranty (see update below). The Satisfyer toys are much cheaper than Womanizer toys, but (and) as far as I’m aware, Womanizer provides a warranty on all of their toys. Satisfyer doesn’t, and this is a huge downside to toys that are now known to have manufacturing defects. The Satisfyer 2 manual clearly encourages underwater use, but the toys clearly aren’t reliably waterproof. If it were just me, I’d consider it a fluke, but multiple people have reported problems.

There’s so much evidence of people having issues with these toys, I think Satisfyer needs to take a close look at the design and manufacture of them. They’re much lower priced than Womanizer, and seem to be of lower quality. It’s a lesson in getting what you pay for, I guess. Still, the Womanizer toys are so outrageously expensive, the Satisfyer toys are a price point necessity. I just wish they were better quality. Honestly, I’m on the fence about recommending this toy, because the price is so good, and there’s a chance it could work for someone.


The Satisfyer 2 is priced at $35 at Peepshow Toys (where you can also use coupon code mary for 10% off), and I see how that price is attractive, given that the least expensive Womanizer toy is $129, and well, that brand is called Womanizer. That’s a horrible name. For $5 more, you can get the rumbly FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet that is actually waterproof and worth it.

When it worked, I liked the Satisfyer 2 over the Pro Penguin because the speed controls were independent. I just don’t know if it’s worth the risk that it’ll break.

UPDATE: After this review was published, Satisfyer contacted me directly about stating there is no warranty, wanting to know “where” I “got that information.” I got it from not finding a warranty or product registration info anywhere in the manual, on their website, or as a product feature on any of the sites I work with. It turns out, they do have a 1-year warranty, buried well below information clearly intended for retailers in a .pdf on their website entitled Terms and Conditions. It states, in part:

Claims for recourse of the customer against us according to Section 478 BGB
(Recourse of the entrepreneur) shall only exist to the extent that the
customer has not reached any agreements with his buyers which go beyond
the statutory claims for defects. § 7 Par. (2) shall further apply accordingly to
the scope of the customer’s claim for recourse against us according to Section
478 Par. 2 BGB.
The part of the warranty they pointed out to me that relates to end-user customers is as follows:
The warranty period is 12 months, beginning from the passing of risk. The
statutory regulations concerning inhibition to expiry, inhibition and new start
of the deadlines shall remain unaffected.
It’s all very confusing, so check with the retailer you’re buying from about their defective products policy. My best advice if you get a Satisfyer toy and have a problem with it after a retailer’s return policy has expired, is to e-mail them at

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2 thoughts on “Review: Satisfyer 2

  • Pillow Princess

    I’m so disappointed in the quality of the Satisfyers… I really wanted to be able to recommend a more affordable alternative to the Womanizers, but alas. I’d still recommend this one if people want to try out the sensation without blowing too much money, but it’s so shitty that it’s almost guaranteed that it will break soon. And it’s so loud, indeed!

  • Backwoods Bedroom

    Just finished reading, we have almost the same exact preferences with the lower settings. Like you said, the higher settings were overstimulation. Painful for me.