Review: Pleasure Works First Mate

Good Vibrations Pleasure Works First MateWe picked out the First Mate because we were looking for dildos with more girth than we’re used to. The good folks at Good Vibrations were sending the Jopen Callie rabbit, and asked me if I’d like something from their in-house Pleasure Works line as well. The only dildo that fit the bill was realistic. This would prove to be an awkward experience.

Basic Stats

The First Mate is sizeable for us. It’s 1.75″ in diameter at its widest and has 7″ of insertable length. It’s harness compatible. It comes in single shore (density) or Firm Core dual density. Both are body safe silicone. The one we have is the single shore, and it stands up on its own. The surface has a bit of an electric charge, attracting dust and lint. A trick I learned in the sex toy party world is to use a bit of corn starch, and Good Vibrations even recommends this on the product page for the dual density version. It rinses off easily before use. Towards the head, the shaft flattens and widens a bit. The head is wide and pronounced, with a defined coronal ridge. Raised veins complete the realistic look.

Mary’s Experience

Good Vibrations Realistic DildoThe First Mate is disturbingly realistic to me. It’s shaped like a dick I’ve fucked before. A dick I caught feelings for. A dick I regret, but will always remember. It’s uncanny. The color isn’t exactly true to life, of course. It’s much more uniformly stiff and firm than its real life version. Yet, the shape is eerily similar to a dick I don’t want to think about. At first I didn’t even want to tell Carrie whose, because that was such a painful time in our lives.

I have to be honest, the First Mate is a great dildo. It doesn’t have a curve, but its girth and the coronal ridge tease my G-spot while the wide shaft stretches me in a hauntingly familiar way. When I use a vibrator on my clit, the First Mate locks in place, as if it were meant to be clenched and causes seemingly unending orgasms, especially if I twist it.

I feel so many conflicting emotions when I use this dildo on myself. It’s more like a memory – a guilty pleasure memory full of euphoria and heartbreak all at once. Using it on Carrie inspired even more cognitive dissonance. I think fear of this happening is one of the reasons I’m not a huge fan of realistic dildos, despite reviewing several. I’m an honest reviewer, though, and I must report my experiences with the sex toys I’m sent. This, of course, is likely a unique experience to me, so I can confidently recommend the First Mate. In fact, if you have the cash to splurge, upgrade to the dual density version!

Carrie’s Experience

Good Vibrations Pleasure Works First Mate ReviewAs the only experience I had with the real life dick was by proxy, I didn’t have quite as much of an issue testing the First Mate. Despite the 1.75″ ridge, the toy only required moderate warm up before inserting anally. The head creates a very pronounced, yet pleasant, “pop” when eased in. Once in, the dildo flattens out and gets wider, which makes the lovely ridges and veins along the side that much more distinct and delightful. For being stiff silicone, the head played just firmly enough against my prostate, which was unexpected from this toy. I’d have liked to experience the dual-density version of the First Mate, but the single shore was quite enjoyable, and I’d have no issues suggesting it to someone looking for something a little wider for anal play, yet still manageable.


How we feel about this dildo is unique to us. You are unlikely to experience cognitive dissonance while using First Mate. In fact, you’re more likely to have a good time, if its proportions are what you’re looking for. You also have lots of options between the density of the silicone and the colors. It’s fantastic for clenching, thrusting, and prostate stimulation. So if you’re ready to graduate from 1.5″ diameter dildos to something with a little more girth and realism, this is a great buy. The lack of completely cylindrical shape is unique. I’d insert a nautical pun here, but I think that’d be overboard.

You can get your First Mate at Good Vibrations

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