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Note: Orgasmatronics has since gone out of business, so this product has been discontinued.

On paper, the Orgasmatronics Ambrosia 2.0 should be right up our alley. It’s one of the most versatile and innovative sex toys we’ve ever seen. Orgasmatronics provided the Ambrosia set, with both dildos, to try in exchange for our honest review. They didn’t send the expectation that there’s only one way to use this toy, so we spent quite a while testing this one.

That’s true in general of Orgasmatronics, headed by the super-geeky, super-smart, real-life physicist Dr. X. Treme. The man that made a video on the science of clitoral impedance heads this venture, full of largely crowdfunded devices that are actually unique. They’re very clear that they want their products used by people of all shapes & sizes, abilities, genitals, and make few assumptions about the best way to use their products. That kind of sex positivity is hard to find in sex toy manufacturers so we were totally down to take their bionic sex toy for a thorough test drive.

What is it? How does it work?

20151101_135828As you may have guessed, the Orgasmatronics Ambrosia 2.0 is the second iteration of their “bionic dildo” concept. The sensations that are applied to the dildo are transmitted into electrical current and power a bullet vibrator. The bullet literally responds to what’s happening to the dildo.

There are two dildo options: a small, slim one, and a girthy, triangular one. They’re pretty rigid but not totally inflexible. While there is a visible seam running down the sides of both, neither of us could feel or were bothered by them.

The battery pack, and heart of the Ambrosia unit, takes 2 AA batteries, which provides a surprising amount of power. Attached are the cord to the bullet and a thin tube. It clips easily to any harness with the included velcro strap. The tube is inserted into a small hole in either dildo, where there’s a hollow section. When the pressure changes in the hollow area (i.e., when it slides in and out of an orifice), the Ambrosia unit senses the change in pressure via the tube. It then translates that to electrical current that activates the bullet.

20151101_140027When I first saw the bullet, I was skeptical. I’ve sold hundreds of cheap egg-shaped egg bullets and while they’re great for your first explorations with sex toys and clitoral vibration, they’re not powerful enough for me. This golden bullet isn’t just any bullet, though. Dr. X. Treme has designed a rumbly egg bullet. Now, it’s no We-Vibe Tango, but it’s definitely got rumble and it’s definitely got some power.

The manual provides instructions on how to get it to work, but doesn’t prescribe using it in just one way. They instead gave several suggestions, with plenty of room for adventurous and creative uses. So we decided to get creative and try it as many ways as we could think of.

Vibrating Fellatio

Carrie is very orally fixated, so our first thought is that they can suck the dildo while I hold the bullet on my clit. We also tried this with the bullet inserted into the dildo so Carrie could suck my cock.

Using it this way didn’t bring me to orgasm, but it did something interesting that we really liked. I didn’t have control over the vibrations, and large jumps in pressure change the vibration speed, while slow changes in pressure, or steady pressure, cause the vibrations to almost stop. Outside of a D/s play session, I don’t like being out of control, especially when it comes to vibration. What this did, instead, is start a very intimate conversation about why I found this dynamic so off-putting. It also allowed for us to communicate and experiment with just how much pressure was required to get it to the strength that I was wanting, forcing Carrie to really work their mouth. Not to mention, the visual of the large black dildo stretching out Carries’s mouth was really hot. In short, we had fun – in a way that we haven’t really experienced with another sex toy.

Strap-On Play/Anal Penetration

20151101_140209The most obvious way to play with the Orgasmatronics Ambrosia 2.0 is to attach it to a strap on. While we have our own, compatible O-rings were included with the toy. Unfortunately, strap-on play didn’t quite work out for us this time around, and for reasons completely unrelated to the Ambrosia. First of all, I haven’t found a harness that fits the way I want it to; the subject for an entirely different post. Second, I can no longer wear platform heels due to health problems, and we have a significant height difference between us, so positioning has become tricky for us lately. We couldn’t find an angle that worked for us, and we don’t currently own any positioning furniture.

After we attempted to use the strap-on, Carrie decided to try the Ambrosia for some solo anal play. While both dildos lack the texture they typically enjoy in a toy, the added mental effort of controlling the vibration intensity with the speed and depth of penetration, along with clenching the dildo, was a mental turn on. The purple dildo was a good length and girth for prostate play, and with a little manual stimulation, it made for a very enjoyable finish. Carrie also tested the larger black dildo, but it didn’t quite work as well for prostate stimulation as the purple one. Instead, they used the gradual increase in girth (and it is rather girthy) as anal stretching warm-up for larger toys.

Vaginal Penetration/Fun With Kegels

20151101_140154For me, masturbating with the Ambrosia 2.0 dildos was interesting, although not orgasmic. You have the option to keep the egg placed in the back of the dildo or use it elsewhere. The dildos don’t transmit vibration throughout very well, and the hollow area does not extend to the tip. I chose to keep the egg on my clit. I preferred the large dildo for vaginal use. It’s rigid enough to angle towards your G-Spot, and is wide horizontally, maxing out at 2.06″ in diameter near the base. The purple dildo didn’t do much for me, but seemed to be easier to control the vibrations with. It was a lot of mental effort to try to adjust the vibrations the way I wanted. I also found that pinching or bending the tube can make the unit malfunction, causing it to stay at a steady vibration regardless of pressure.

I got creative and used it as a clenching toy rather than a thrusting toy. I could control the vibrations by Kegels. While that was definitely arousing, it didn’t quite get me off. I basically forced it to malfunction at highest vibration speed to finish or used another vibrator and the large dildo.

Room for Improvement

The Orgasmatronics Ambrosia 2.0 has a lot of potential, and we know of at least one other couple who love theirs. For us, it just barely missed the mark. That doesn’t mean this amazing concept doesn’t work at all – we actually love the idea and Carrie enjoys it for solo play. Here’s what we’d like to see for version 3.0:

  1. An independent control to run the bullet independently from the battery pack to finish the job.
  2. Lube and body fluids tend to get in the air tube and hole, and in the seam of the bullet, so different placement of the air tube hole OR ability to remove the tube from the battery pack to sterilize it.
  3. A different, seamless bullet. As much as it makes me giggle that this is a “golden bullet” to put all those silver bullets to shame, it doesn’t fit well in some harness pockets, and certainly won’t fit in other dildos with space for a bullet.
  4. A 3rd dildo option, preferably longer than the purple, but less girthy than the black, say 6″ long, and 1.5″ in diameter, with a curve near the tip.
  5. Extend the hollow core to the tip of the dildo, so that tongue swirling around the tip or shallow penetrations still yields a vibration response.

It would be really great to see this have some conductivity down the shaft for vibration, or even a vibrating tip, but I’m not sure how that’s possible since silicone dampens vibration. A wireless version would be pretty sweet, too, but we know that’s easier said than done, and would increase the expense of the toy significantly.

Bottom line: we like it. We just don’t love it.

Thanks to Orgasmatronics for sending this to us for review! Orgasmatronics has unfortunately gone out of business, so this product has been permanently discontinued.

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