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20150827_143744The Nü Sensuelle Extreme was graciously provided by Peepshow Toys in exchange for this unbiased review and this review is entirely my opinion of this particular product.

Have you ever been to Chuck E. Cheese or Dave & Busters? You know how you can play games for tickets that you can spend on stuff, and the more tickets you have the better stuff you get? It seems like some of the cheapest junk costs a lot of tickets, while the really good stuff you can’t get in a single visit. So you spend them all anyway because you didn’t want leave empty-handed. If vibrators were prizes, the Nü Sensuelle Extreme would be one of those prizes that feels like you spent way too many tickets on it.

Coming in only pink and purple, at 6″ long and 1″ wide, the Nu Sensuelle Extreme retails at around $60. It’s rechargeable and comes 20150827_144138with a charging base, a USB cable, and an A/C adapter that is a plug hog but better than nothing. There’s also a satin storage bag and an English-only manual. It arrives partially charged; the manual asks that you charge it for a full hour before use. Press the only button to turn on and cycle through the 20 different functions that nobody needs. Hold the button down for 2 seconds to turn it off before reaching for another vibe.

The packaging also tells you not to accept anything less. I’m not sure that’s possible. The only thing extreme about this is disappointment.

You may notice my tone here skewed negative. The manufacturer, Novel Creations, takes positive-sounding snippets, even from overall negative reviews, removes affiliate links, and posts them on its website. Since I don’t want my words taken out of context, and I definitely think you should shop with Peepshow Toys, I feel I need to write this so there’s no doubt I don’t recommend this particular toy.

20150827_163921-1Sensuelle Extreme is supposedly “twice dipped” in silicone, but the manual says it’s only made from ABS plastic. There’s an injection molding dimple clearly visible at the tip of the vibe, which counters the “dip” claim. As someone with an oral fixation, there’s not a toy that doesn’t go in Carrie’s mouth at some point. “No, that’s not silicone,” they said, after some oral inspection. I scratched it with my fingernail, and became equally suspicious. It’s probably polyurethane (PU) coated ABS plastic, and I’m not the only reviewer to assert this suspicion.

20150829I tried my hand at a flame test and the outer coating seemed to scorch away without any ash (but with a nauseating smell), leaving behind plastic that’s scored in a fingerprint-like pattern. This is most likely to hold the outer coating on. Both PU and ABS are considered nonporous. It’s body safe, regardless, but I get a sneaking suspicion they’re mislabeling the material to give it a higher MSRP.

When I went to search for reviews of its predecessor, the We-Vibe Salsa knockoff Point 20, Google assumed I wanted to search for “nu sensuelle point wont charge” before I could finish. I haven’t observed that problem with the Sensuelle Extreme, but I feel the fact that it’s rechargeable is another marketing ploy to hike the price up, and they did it as cheaply as possible. The charger itself is chintzy and unstable. I could squeeze the two “lips” together with my hands and break the plastic if I wanted to. 

About the most positive thing I can say is the length makes it easier for folks with reach issues to target the clit without weird positions. The vibrations are mostly buzzy, especially at high intensity, but still strong. The rounded tip is somewhere between pinpoint and broad stimulation, which I liked. The A/C adapter is optional, so you can charge it via USB.

20150827_143831I’m not going to detail all of the twenty settings here, but I will say settings 1-3 are low, medium, and high constant vibration, respectively. 1 is almost rumbly but weak. 3 is somewhat powerful but painfully buzzy and made my clit and labia numb. 2 was my favorite. 18 gets an honorable mention for being more rumbly than the rest because it’s actually a super fast pulse. 16 and 17 are the exact same pattern. The 20 functions cycle through so there’s no way to go back to the one before. There is no memory chip in this either, so if you do like patterns, you need to click the button until you reach your favorite setting each time. That’s just asking for frustration.

Internally, vibrations targeted my pelvic bone better than my internal clitoris. There’s no G-spot curve, so this didn’t do much but annoy my vulva.

It takes a really long time for me to climax with the Sensuelle Extreme. I thought I might have been spoiled by my Magic Wand, so I abstained from using the wand (or anything else) for a few extra days. It didn’t make a difference. If the eventual orgasms this produces were verbalizations, they’d sound like my mother when she’s disgusted: “EEEeeeEEEEeeeeeeeewww!” Make sure to squint your face as you say that out loud.

20150827_143716It could have been psychological, too. I was afraid the thing would overheat. The manual says not to use for 30 minutes continuously. After about 10 minutes I found out why – it starts to get hot. Using the Sensuelle Extreme is a gamble for both orgasms and apparently, personal safety.

The whole toy screams 10-ticket prize but tries to pretend it belongs in the 1,000-ticket bin. I strongly suggest Novel Creations nix the rechargeable battery in favor of AA’s, clarify the material, get rid of half the functions, and knock $30 off the price. I’d then be fine recommending it to broke college students.

Do yourself a favor and save up the extra $20 for a We-Vibe Tango or opt for a wand if you need the length. If you can’t afford that, Peepshow has an entire Under $50 section for you. I’m glad they sent this to me so I could steer you towards a vibe that’s worth your time and money. In fact, when you check out, use code mary for 10% off!

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