Review: Maia Liam

Mia Liam“Do we have to do it that way?” I whined.

“It’s our job. We said we would when we agreed to review it,” Carrie scolded.

It was an omen.

PIV sex is not our favorite type of sex. In fact, we hadn’t done it “the old fashioned way” since Woodhull last year. However, before we gave up the ghost on missionary, we had tried – and liked – a few vibrating cock rings. They were usually the cheap watch battery-operated type that only lasted a few uses. We could never remember to replace the batteries and it didn’t seem worth it for such a cheap thing to keep buying them. It just felt like a lot of effort when Carrie could put their thumb on my clit for stimulation.

Cock rings aren’t just about clitoral stimulation, of course. They lock the blood flow in the penis, so that it’s harder, more erect, and maintains that erection. This isn’t an issue we faced when we did have PIV sex regularly, so cock rings weren’t much of a priority for us.

Peepshow Toys asked us to review the Maia Liam and graciously sent us one free for our honest review.  They’re a great company that offers only body safe products, so we agreed to give this a shot.

Mia Liam SideBasic Stats

The Maia Liam is made from body-safe silicone. It’s fairly stretchy, measuring roughly 2.2″ by 4.4″ with a 1″ diameter when not stretched. It vibrates, featuring a rechargeable motor with 8 patterns and speeds. It’s easily operated via a single button, although at first, I thought I had a dud. The manual says to press the button to turn it on. You actually have to hold the button down for a few seconds to get it to come on. There’s no travel lock feature. It includes a storage sack.

Mary’s Experience

The Maia Liam had so much potential.

For one thing, the Mia Liam is moderately priced, for a rechargeable, vibrating, silicone ring. Some competitors in the same category run more than $100. At under $40, it’s far more affordable. It’s made of silicone without a seam, so it doesn’t risk tearing in half (looking at you, LELO Tor 2). It’s a stretchy silicone, with a satin finish that’s pleasing to the touch. The ring itself is a decent size for a “one size fits most” approach. The handy storage sack is perfectly sized, not a repurposed vibrator toy bag. As a cock ring, it does its job.

As a vibrating cock ring, it falls far short.

The vibrations on the Maia Liam are best described as buzzy and sad. There are LED lights on the underside to tell you what level of vibration it’s on, because the difference in vibration levels is so slight, it might as well be one speed. It goes from itchy to slightly stingy. This is what made me want to throw this toy across the room. Here was this moderately priced silicone rechargeable ring, and the vibrations are utter shit. The moment I turned it on I cringed. I couldn’t imagine I’d agreed to have PIV sex over this sad, buzzy failure. I was fully aware of what would happen before it happened, like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

What I wasn’t expecting was not to feel anything when using it as a cock ring. The vibrations are so sad they don’t penetrate at all, but the motor housing is too wide to be comfortable, so no vibrations made it to my clit in use. I did try to spread my labia wider, around the housing, but it was painful. So, we turned it off, spun it around behind Carrie’s testicles, and used it as a regular, non-vibrating ring

I had to use it separately as a finger vibe to hold it vertically between my labia to be appropriately annoyed. I couldn’t get off with this.

Mia Liam BackCarrie’s Experience

The first night we had the Maia Liam, I stole it for a few minutes to test out the fit and vibrations before we actually used it together. It was stretchy enough to get around my erect penis with minimal lube, and actually fit rather well. Not too tight, but I knew it wasn’t going to travel when in action and with lube.

And then I turned it on.

As I cycled through the settings, it felt like someone wrapped their thumb and index finder around my cock while holding a hand buzzer. From annoying to itchy, the buzzy vibrations were not pleasant while I tried it on before we used it together. But at least they were rather weak, because when in use,  those vibrations were dampened enough by being in between two bodies. Eventually, we just turned it off, turned it around, and used it as a regular cock ring, a function it performs fantastically. The supple silicone stayed in place while also being very comfortable.


We really can’t get over the weak, buzzy vibrations of the Maia Liam. It had so much potential. Luckily, Peepshow Toys carries a ton of great rings, both vibrating and non-vibrating that cost the same or less than the Maia Liam. They also have rechargeable c-rings with better motors, but be prepared to shell out a little more for one.

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