Review: Cal Exotics Luxe Touch-Sensitive Vibrator

CalEx Luxe Touch-Sensitive VibratorTouch-sensitive vibrators are one of the latest trends in sex toys, but are they worth it? Peepshow Toys sent us one to find out. We received the Cal Exotics Luxe Touch-Sensitive Vibrator free for this honest review. They offer this toy at just under $70, so it’s well within a lot of budgets, and may be on the wish lists of those looking for a touch-sensitive vibrator.

Basic Stats

The Luxe Touch-Sensitive measures in at 6.5″ of insertable length, with a 1.5″ diameter. It’s coated in satin-finish matte silicone skin. It features a semi-realistic head. There are no curves. It comes only in pink and purple, which has me side-eying hard at California Exotics. The speeds are, as the name would imply, touch-sensitive, with one sensor 1/3 of the way down the toy, and the other sensor at about the 2/3 mark. Here’s a video, apparently from the 90’s, of what exactly this means:

It features 10 vibration patterns, which is the maximum any toy needs to have. That may even be too many. There’s also a suction cup that sticks to smooth surfaces well. The base also means it’s harness compatible. Make sure to secure it well if you’re pegging; it could slip out. It is much wider than the Tantus Bound, which also had a thin base.

It’s rechargeable, with a proprietary charger that pierces the silicone skin to keep it waterproof. Well, it’s supposed to be waterproof. Part way through testing, we submerged it for cleaning, and water droplets got inside of the silicone skin. The light came on, but it wouldn’t vibrate, and we couldn’t get the light to go off, until it finally died. I was so excited to show this off at Woodhull, but I brought a dead vibe with me. This does come with a 1-year warranty, but you are on the hook for shipping it back to Cal Ex, and that also involves going to the post office. They also want proof you bought it, so if you got it for free for a review, you have to hope the sex shop you got it from is nice enough to send you a replacement instead. Luckily for us, Peepshow Toys are good people and did just that so we could finish the review.

Our Experience

CalExotics Luxe Touch-Sensitive VibratorIt does work as advertised 98% of the time. On occasion, the touch sensitive points were buggy, either not registering touch at all, or not registering when touch was no longer happening. This has been rare, but I assumed the success rate of the touch-sensitive feature would be more buggy than it is.

My body managed to simultaneously love and hate this toy, depending on how I used it.

The touch-sensitive points are indeed sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, I found using this vibe internally annoying and almost painful when used vaginally. My vagina likes a ramp-up, and I start with most vibrators turned off before turning on the lowest setting. This is why vibrators that start somewhere in the middle usually piss me off. Using this internally meant it was constantly on medium or high speed. The medium speed wasn’t so bad if I was really turned on and warmed up. This has a Jopen motor. The lower speeds were particularly rumbly. The higher speed was significantly buzzier, like a tube full of bees and wasps angrily battling it out. There’s also no curve on the Luxe Touch-Sensitive, and the head isn’t that pronounced, so my G-Spot wasn’t impressed, either. For me, this didn’t make for a great internal toy. My vagina hated it.

However, where this toy shines is clitoral stimulation. I located the touch-sensitive points on the shaft and used them to ramp up vibration on my clitoris. I know not everyone will want to do this, but I found this provided a very easy way to change the vibrations from high to medium or high to low very easily. That’s hard to achieve with buttons. I finally found a toy that can give me multiple clitoral orgasms. The ability to put pressure on my clitoris while immediately shifting to a less intense vibration is something I’ve never experienced in another toy this rumbly. I managed to hack this toy into doing something unique. My clitoris loved it.

While I’m not one for patterns, Carrie found a couple of them delightful on their prostate. They didn’t really have anything to add as a separate experience except that they were not as sensitive to the vibration changes as I was.


Does the Cal Exotics Luxe Touch-Sensitive Vibrator live up to its name? It does, but many may find this toy gimmicky and more of a one-trick pony. Learning how to hack this vibe properly affects how I feel about it. I’m not happy Cal Ex continues its tradition of sexism in sex toy colors. Purple is my favorite color, and now I own a functioning pink one I can’t stand to look at. I think a teal or sunshine yellow would have been good choices for this particular toy. The attempt to keep it waterproof with silicone skin pierced by the charger is documented to fail. Still, it did something few toys have managed to do, and did what it does well. If someone were looking for a rechargeable touch-sensitive vibrator, I’d actually recommend this one. Despite its shortcomings, we liked this one.

Thanks again to Peepshow Toys for being awesome! Use code “mary” at checkout for 10% off!

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