Review: LELO Loki

Review: LELO LokiAs regular readers might guess, I’m a big fan of anal play. I love feeling the toy’s textures during insertion, the thrusting, that satisfying filled sensation… But most of all, I like when a toy works my prostate. So when I heard rumor of LELO creating something like the Mona, but for prostate massage, I knew I wanted to get my hands on one to review. LELO kindly sent me the Loki in return for my unbiased review.

The LELO Loki came packaged in a classy-looking box that showed off the toy, along with a plastic registration card and a sample of their personal moisturizer. The first thing I noticed about the Loki was its exceptionally smooth and seamless matte silicone finish. The kind that makes for just the right lubed dragging feeling. I just wanted to hold and caress the shaft. While I was doing that, I also noticed just how beautifully proportioned the toy was. With a total insertable length at just around 4 1/2″, a slightly curved bulb at  a little over 4 1/2″ in circumference, and a neck around 3″, I started to wonder where the catch was. Everything just looked so right. Could this be the perfect storm prostate toy? Charging was quick with the included USB charging cable, so I took it upstairs to give it a trial run.

Review: LELO LokiOnce well-lubed, I fell into a well-practiced relaxation and started to insert. And… it wouldn’t go in. It took a few tries to get my ass to cooperate, as it needed to be inserted at a slight angle to accommodate the curve on the Loki. Once in, the toy gave me that happy filled feeling I look for with anal plugs, while the bulb-to-neck ratio made it clear it wasn’t going anywhere until I was done with it. After settling on the bed, I started to test out the 6 functions with variable speeds. Out of all of them, my favorite for just laying back and enjoying hands-free stimulation was the gradual rise and fall setting. The random setting does get an honorable mention, though – while it is a pattern and not really random, it’s still varied enough to tease yourself with starting out. The vibrations were decently rumbly, even on high settings, and felt amazing when I pressed the handle down a little to get some additional pressure on my prostate. The buttons were well-placed and easy to navigate without looking at them; up and down changed functions and + and – (inserted, left and right) changed intensity. Once I’d found a setting I liked, I tried to enjoy it hands-free for a little while. While it felt truly amazing, I did notice that it wanted to twist and go off course a little bit, requiring me to correct it every few minutes so it would stay targeted on my prostate.

Eventually, after much prostate teasing, I gave up the hands-free idea and just decided to go for an orgasm. And, damn, it was exquisite. The curve on the toy and the placement of the vibrating motor hugged my prostate. Tensing my PC muscles while pushing the handle down during each rise, the Loki sent waves of pleasure through me. This was, without a doubt, the expertly crafted toy I was hoping it would be. It wasn’t long at all before I could feel the build up, and just needed a little bit extra to push me over the top. But no matter how much I pressed the + button, it wasn’t going to give me any more. This was true of the other sessions with the LELO Loki as well. It just feels like there should be another 2-3 levels of power, but they’re simply not there. Not to say it’s not a powerful toy (it is), or that it wasn’t pleasant (it was), but it didn’t have what it took to get me off without, albeit a very minor level, of manual stimulation. Minor, as in, maybe 15 seconds of jerking off for one of the more explosive orgasms I’ve had.

Review: LELO LokiCleanup for the Loki was a breeze: make sure the water-resistant cap is over the charging port, and run it under the sink or bath faucet, then use your choice of toy cleaner. Despite being close to the action, the handle never got messy for me, though I suppose if you went heavy on the lube, you might want an old toothbrush on hand to clean where the silicone shaft and the ABS plastic handle meet. Being a non-porous material, the silicone portion of the toy could also be cleaned with a bleach solution. No dishwasher or boiling for this one, though.

While the bulb width might be a challenge to anal beginners, I’d definitely recommend the LELO Loki to just about anyone with a prostate. If you’re power-hungry, while you might not be able to get off hands-free, the Loki will not disappoint. Look, I use an anal attachment on our Magic Wand, so obviously, your mileage will vary. This rather powerful toy will fit the bill for many. If you’re a beginner, I might suggest starting with a plug to warm up, but with the taper of the toy, relaxation, and generous lube, the bulb width isn’t really much of an obstacle.

Thank you to LELO for sending me the Loki for review.

Note: We’re no longer big fans of LELO for ethics reasons, and are no longer LELO affiliates. You can find the Loki at SheVibe!

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