Review: Kama Sutra Rhythm BHANGRA Wand with Attachments

The Kama Sutra Rhythm BHANGRA is annoying. There’s no better way to describe it. I have no idea why “BHANGRA” is in all caps in the name of this toy, and that alone is annoying. All of the Kama Sutra Rhythm line have the name of the toy in all caps, by the way. The sheer length of the name annoys me. It comes with attachments, which annoy me. The vibrations annoy me. This toy is just plain annoying.

The major draw to honestly reviewing this wand for SheVibe was the fact that 3 attachments are included. I looked at it and thought that if I were choosing a wand and my budget was around $100-150, I might think that this was a better deal than, say, the $125 Magic Wand Rechargeable, for only $15 bucks more. Since SheVibe doesn’t charge shipping with orders over $75, that might sound like a pretty sweet deal. But that thinking is sadly mistaken.

Basic Stats

The Kama Sutra Rhythm BHANGRA is a pretty standard-size wand, measuring 11.25″ long. The head is 2.28″ in diameter, with vertical grooves that assist with attaching and removing the attachments. The ergonomic handle is 1.61″ in diameter at its narrowest, and is relatively comfortable to hold.

The wand itself is made from a satin finish body-safe silicone, as are all the attachments. This makes clean-up easy and sanitizing easy. Just pop the attachments in boiling water, and use a 10% bleach solution to clean the silicone parts of the wand if you need to. There are two gold-tone ABS plastic inserts on either side, which light up different colors, based on the vibration pattern.

There are 3 buttons: a + and a – on each side of a central power and function button. It’s a little unintuitive to operate. You must hold the center button down for about 3 seconds, until the sides of the wand glow and change colors. Now it’s in standby mode. Hit the middle button once to set it to steady vibration mode. Hit it again and you’ll enter the 7 other function modes of pulsation and escalation. I’m not really a fan of patterns, so it was annoying as shit to accidentally hit this middle button instead of the intensity buttons. Once you get to the end of the last pattern, hit the middle button again to go back into standby mode. Hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it off. It does not remember the last pattern or even the last intensity for the last pattern. This means if you mean to turn it up, and accidentally hit that middle button, you have to cycle through all the patterns and standby mode to get back to steady vibration, and then turn it back up to where you were.

Our Experience

The first Rhythm BHANGRA we tried didn’t work. It would enter standby mode, but not vibrate. Luckily, SheVibe has a simple return policy. I was able to send back the defective unit and the second Rhythm BHANGRA I received worked as intended.

The vibrations themselves aren’t much to write home about. It has a total of 5 speeds, which are buzzy, high pitched, and painful. It’s as loud as you’d expect a wand to be, so I won’t dock it any points for that, but the pitch of those higher-end vibrations is…annoying. Sensing a theme here, perhaps? When using as a regular wand, I can stand up to the 3rd intensity. The other two are just too painful and numbing. The silicone attachments dampen the vibrations significantly, though, and they are where the Rhythm BHANGRA really fails.

The first attachment is flat with bumpy nodules, sort of like a brush head, for presumed clitoral stimulation. I couldn’t get this to sit right between my labia, and the vibrations didn’t transmit well at all. The neck is flimsy, so getting pressure where I needed it was impossible. Moving it around was interesting, but I’d hardly call it pleasurable, even with enough lube. The nodules are close together and collect lube and gunk readily. Cleaning this attachment was a real pain.

The second attachment is a rabbit. It’s a flimsy rabbit. The internal arm is narrow, short, and squishy. I could hardly feel it during use. The clitoral arm, interestingly enough, did reach my clitoris, but again, the whole thing was so flimsy it didn’t transmit vibrations well at all. The rabbit head also forces you to face the handle away from your bits, so I was forced into the awkward position that many traditional rabbits without a curved handle do: I could barely reach the controls. I’m a large person without a lot of flexibility and a bad back. This was not enjoyable. Add to that the controls are now reversed in this position, meaning my brain had to really think about whether I was turning it up or down.

The third attachment is three small, graduated bubbles. Presumably, this would be for anal use. They don’t do anything for me vaginally, so I asked Carrie to try it out anally. The bulbs couldn’t reach her prostate, and the sensation was closer to rimming than anything else. Maybe you like that sensation, but for us it was more frustrating than anything else.


There are a lot of great wands out there. This isn’t one of them. You’re better off opting for something else. The Magic Wand Original gives your budget some room to add attachments to your cart, but if you really must have a rechargeable, skip this one.  Definitely get your wand at SheVibe, though, since they’re super awesome folks and their prices are very affordable.

Thanks to SheVibe for sending us this toy at no cost for our honest review!

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