Review: JimmyJane Form 2 Luxury Edition

Yes. I, personally, dig grinding on something worth over $100 because $100 bills don’t vibrate, y’all. It’s like a shoes thing with me. Of course, I love getting a steal on something pricey, too. So of course, when a too-good-to-refuse sale came along, I figured if I’m going to try out the JimmyJane Form 2, I’m going to try out the Luxury Edition.

JimmyJane Form 2 Luxury Edition


The JimmyJane Form 2 Luxury Edition includes 24K gold at the base where charging occurs and a black charging base with gold-colored lettering and black USB cable for charging. Here’s their informational video on the base model from their YouTube:

The silicone housing is only aviailable in black for this edition, which I prefer over the pink anyway, but does not include any additional features or additions. In particular, I would have loved to see a “lid” to the charging case to keep dust and cat hair out, and keep it in the correct charging position, because it needs to charge for 8 hours initially.

This version of matte silicone attracts dust, lint, and cat hair like nobody’s business!  Further, while it is accruing cat hair, this is usually because the cat has decided to knock shit off the nightstand, because cats are assholes. When it gets bumped slightly off kilter, the Form 2 won’t charge.


There are 4 vibration settings and 5 intensity levels of each. I wish I had “names” for them, the way We-Vibe describes vibrations, but the manual doesn’t name them or even really describe them very well. There’s a constant vibration. Then a slow, undulating echo that alternates high & low between the two ears. Then there’s a slow pulsing escalation. Finally, a less intense fast echo pulse between the two ears.

The ears are not quite as flexible in practice. Carrie is a big fan of nipple play. They did enjoy being tied down and teased, and the vibrations were enough to send them into a nipple orgasm without the high setting. I did do my best to “pinch” but you really have to grab a hold of the tip, which wasn’t very easy. I have to say, as a couple’s toy, as this is marketed, the JimmyJane Form 2 Luxury Edition performs remarkably well.

When used solo, I can only describe the experience as inconsistent. There is an  “issueknown to plague this toy. If you’re not familiar, when too much pressure is applied, especially at an angle, the vibrations shift away from the motors in the tip into the core. I wish I had words to describe the physics for this, but you’ll know it when it happens. It gets loud and then your hand is vibrating and your clit is like “WTF, man??” I felt so distracted having to have the right angle, not being able to grind, having the setting right, and then getting just about there and having to shift the toy to get that power back and ugh! Just. Frustrating!

I think I’ve used this toy more times than any other to try to pinpoint what’s going on. It does get me off every time, so power isn’t the problem.  It’s definitely an angle and pressure thing that causes the issue, and it’s distracting. I shouldn’t have to do this with a $189 toy.

When Carrie uses it on me, it doesn’t do this, and the orgasm is phenomenal! The preferred method is they hold it vertically with each ear on the top and bottom of my clitoris. This does something interesting – I crave insertion. I think the “bottom” ear stimulates the area between my clit and urethra, which drives my internal clitoris wild, which makes my G-Spot pay attention. About as soon as they slide a finger or two into me and starts thrusting it’s almost instant blended orgasm.

There are some major pluses, though. It’s definitely powerful. As a person of size, I also appreciate that it has a bit of weight to it and is larger than your average bullet for solo use. My labia didn’t swallow the thing. I found I could angle it to not be a horrendous vulva hog for penetration, too.

I love the size, weight, shape, quality, and concept of this vibe. I don’t love the vibration issue, lack of a cover on the charger, the charging time, or the fact that, for $40 more you don’t get much more than a more attractive charging base and 24K gold you can’t even melt down and sell for $40.


Used as a couple’s toy or according to their “intended uses,” it worked according to all the advertising. For someone like me, who likes to try to abuse her clitoris with taps, slaps, crops, and trying to push it back into my body, it was a frustrating experience as a solo clit vibe. The worst hostess I ever had – the one that hired a Brazillian chef for her party but failed to tell anyone what type of party it was – was all about her “JimmyJane” but she had no idea which model she owned. This is for someone like her.

Save $40 bucks and get the regular version if you can find it on sale if you’re the average couple looking for a versatile couple’s toy or if you’re flying solo and don’t need a lot of pressure to get off. Otherwise, do

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