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Homme Mystere Monique Detail

HommeMystere graciously sent me four sets of lingerie to try out and review. The first two sets of lingerie had a casual, everyday look and feel to them – they appear comfortable yet functional, cute and adorable without being showy. This time, I’ll be reviewing the Monique and the Retro Gold sets. While appearing impractical for everyday wear, these second sets had a distinctly “sexy” vibe to them. These say “I’m something special.” They’re kind of thing you wear on a nice date or to show off to a lover.

The Monique bra and panty set is made with a floral red sheer lace with white lingerie elastic for accents and edges. The bra is a full cup style and almost completely sheer, save for additional white sheer fabric inside at the seams. The straps have a cute, frilly fabric sewn onto the top for added finish. The panties are full briefs, and while the top of the front features the same sheer lace panels as the bra, the rest is an untextured sheer red fabric. A thin, scrunchy strip of elastic is sewn into the back mid-seam from the gusset to the waist to lift the panties just ever so slightly between the cheecks, showing off the assets. The front is lined with a white sheer fabric and the gusset has a cotton lining – no peeking here! Finally, both have a little white bow with a rose accent sewn into the middle of each piece.Homme Mystere Monique Bra and Panty

I could go on about how comfortable this set is, or about how sexy it is with that little black dress, or about how absolutely amazing it makes my ass look. But instead, I’ll talk about how easy it is to forget you’re wearing it. Because I did, and wore it right through airport security. I was travelling for business recently, and only remembered I was wearing it when the security guard asked me if I had anything metal on my person. Kinda past the point of no return at that point, I went through with no issue – only an odd look from the person at the imaging terminal. The bra was practically invisible under a t-shirt, and the whole set felt so light that I could forget I was wearing it. It’s that good.

Homme Mystere Retro Gold Bra and PantyThe Retro Gold bra and panty set is a vintage-inspired ensemble made mostly with black sheer fabric and black lingerie elastic edging. I say mostly, because the cups on the full cup styled bra and the front center of the panties feature a vintage black lace over shimmering gold sheer fabric. The panties in this set are a vintage classic style, and cover the entire hip. Like the previous panties, they have scrunchy elastic for added backside attention. And, like the previous set, both pieces have an accent sewn into the middle – a black bow with a small rhinestone-studded key.

When the package from HommeMystere arrived, this was the set that made me squee. It’s simply beautiful; I love this vintage look. The black lace over the gold sheer creates this mesmerizing effect that is sexy just to look at, let alone wear and see on you. The sheer fabric feels amazing against your skin, and the true fit with which Homme Mystere Retro Gold DetailHommeMystere makes their lingerie accentuates all the right places. This would go well with classy and elegant attire, though it also makes me wonder what Mary’s stance on me picking up a french maid costume is. When I showed some girlfriends of mine the piece, they were first wowed by the way it looked, then slightly jealous when they learned it was perfectly fitted. “Why can’t we get something like that?”

I mentioned that these pieces appeared to be impractical for everyday wear. Looks can be deceiving. While slightly more delicate than the first two sets, the nature of the sheer fabrics used allow these pieces to breathe very well. The bras are actually more comfortable than the previous two, and show a lot less under clothing. If you plan to wear either of these sets regularly – really, any of the sets I’ve reviewed – I’d suggest getting a lingerie or delicates laundry bag to help them last longer in the wash, and allow them to air dry.

Another big thank you to HommeMystere for these sets. It has been incredibly gratifying getting to wear these around for the past couple weeks. If you are in the market for sexy lingerie that fits the XY frame, you can find them, and many more awesome pieces, on their website.

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