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The good folks at HommeMystere recently sent me several sets of matching bras and panties to try on and honestly review, and I’d been thinking of the best way to cover these. I wanted to give each set due emphasis and its own review, while also providing readers with a helpful comparison between sets. Given my travel schedule lately, I’ve decided to combine these ideas: giving a quick overview and review of two sets, with a comparison between them. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Heart and the Rose bra and panty sets; the more casual of the sets.

Homme Mystere Heart Bra and PantyThe Heart Bra and Panty set feature an adorable white and yellow heart print on a pink background. Both are made from a very lightweight blended fabric. The bra is more of a bralette in design; there’s no underwire support. The panties are bikini and are supposed to sit mid-hip.

I LOVE this set, and just about everything about it. I simply adore the pattern. It’s cute in a way that made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I wish I would have had something like this earlier in life. The material is very breathable, and felt cool and silky against my bare skin. The bra had a sheer lining in it that added additional Homme Mystere Heart Printbreathing and felt amazing on my nipples. My only concern with it is that, due to the size of my bust, the top of the bra was noticeable under a T-Shirt (but not a polo or button-up dress shirt). The sizing guide provided by HommeMystere made for a very true fit. The bra was form-fitting without being uncomfortable, and the panties likewise did not constrict my hips or thighs. That said, these are not briefs: they are supposed to sit mid-hip, have a lower rise and do not cover the entire buttocks. Don’t expect a “tighty-whities” fit. Personally, I find bikini underwear make my ass look amazing, and loved how it looked in this pair.

Homme Mystere Rose Bra and Panty

The Rose Bra and Panty set have a cute pink with red polka dot pattern and black lace accent trimming around the edges and on the straps. Both also have a black bow set in the middle. The bra has a very T-Shirt/Demi-cup feel about it – fully supportive and covering, with lightly padded cups and underwire support. The panties are bikini, with pink and black accent lace and black ribbon on the front.

Homme Mystere Rose Print DetailI’ll preface this by saying that I’m a larger individual, and that I tend to run a little warm. While the bra fit very well and comfortably to start, the design and extra padding made it a little too hot for my tastes – especially if I was expecting to get anything done outside of the house. After an hour or two, with the heat and sweat, the underwire started irritating my underarms and the middle of my chest. I think the heat and humidity around where we live is to blame, though, and your experience may vary significantly. It did, however, blend in completely, even under a light T-Shirt – a big plus. The panties were the same cool, silky material as the Heart set, with the same mid-hip fit. They felt amazing against my skin and fit me prefectly – I’ll probably be adding them to my regular wardrobe.

It’s clear HommeMystere put a lot of thought and work into the craftsmanship of these garments, just based on the fit and comfort alone.  The panties are very similar, and I can’t say enough just how comfortable they are. Picking which pair to wear on a given day is a matter of “cute and sexy” vs. “sweet and adorable,” and I don’t mind that kind of choice at all. The bras, on the other hand, are a little more situational. Am I going to be outside for any extended period of time, or am I wanting to wear this under work clothes? I’ll probably reach for the Heart set. Will I be in air conditioning and/or am I going to be wearing a T-Shirt? I’m going to consider the Rose set. Maybe I should just move where it isn’t so hot all year long.

Thanks again to HommeMystere for sending these adorable lingerie sets my way. I’ll be reviewing the second half soon!

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