Review: Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei next to a candle

So far in my sex blogging career, I’ve been pretty good at identifying toys I know I’ll like. I’ll still read reviews on toys beforehand. This often either confirms that I’ll love the toy, or will tell me something that I didn’t know about it that makes me reevaluate my judgement. Sometimes, though, I lust after a toy so much I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses, and I fail to listen.

This is the toy I’ve been waiting for. I have lusted after the Fun Factory Stronic Drei for years. I’ve always said once someone sends me one, I’ll have made it as a reviewer, and Betty’s Toy Box stepped up to offer me one. So, I’ve arrived, but like many important moments in my life, it was somewhat anti-climactic.

The Stronic Drei is, for me, like a cute crush that turns out to be flawed upon actually being with them, but genuine love and adoration develops.

Basic Stats

The Stronic Drei is not a vibrator per se. It’s a pulsator. There’s a strong magnetic weight inside, and when it’s turned on, the weight silently shakes back and forth. In short, it provides a “thrusting” motion that can’t be emulated by a human (at least, not for long without muscle fatigue). Because it contains a powerful magnet, it should not be used by those with a pacemaker or other magnetically-dependant medical devices, and states so on packaging and in the manual.

There’s about 6″ of insertable length with 1.67″ of girth. It’s not what I’d consider squishy, so consider the diameter with regards to your own body’s limits. The whole toy is 9″ long. It comes in blackberry pink, black, and petrol blue, a color I fell in love with instantly.

Stronic Drei buttonsThe Stronic Drei features intense ridges and a curved tip, as well as a flanged base, so it’s safe for anal play. If you don’t like texture, this is not for you. Take extra care in cleaning it (soap & water for every day cleaning or 10% bleach to sanitize).

It’s waterproof, but I did not submerge it beyond regular cleaning. Water play just isn’t my thing, as you’ve probably guessed by now.

It operates by holding down the “Fun” button for half a second to turn it on or off. There’s a + button and a – button, and it starts in the middle of 10 speeds and functions, from slow, periodic pulses to a fast shimmy. It does not remember the last setting you had it on. It does have a travel lock.

It doesn’t come with any sort of storage case, and like many Fun Factory toys, the silicone is a bit draggy, so it collects dust and lint fairly easily.

The annoying thing? It takes 16 hours to fully charge, for about 3 hours of play. That’s a lot of play time, but that charge time is hard to swallow.

Mary’s Experience

Just looking at this toy turns me on. Those ridges. That shape. The draggy silicone. That back-and-forth pulsator motion. What’s not to love? Well, a couple of things, I discovered.

Before I go further, I want to make it clear: I love this toy. It shimmies my internal clitoris and my G-spot at the same time. It provides me the texture I crave. The ridges hold on to lube well, so use was comfortable and intense. The girth is just right for me. I love the color. The shape is good. It just isn’t…great.

Stronic DreiThe shape, while curved, doesn’t put actual pressure on my G-spot. The texture stifles the movement of the toy, too. I couldn’t help but thrust it myself. I can’t just hold it with a finger or prop it up against a pillow and let it work. That leaves me hungry for pressure. I have to grip the handle to apply pressure, which further stifles its movement. I have to work for the payoff. 

My work has paid off every time, though. The Stronic Drei brings me breathtaking, delicious orgasms. For me, they’re well worth the effort. I just didn’t expect to put in so much effort. It’s doubly good when I use a bullet on my clit at the same time.

This is a luxury, high tech toy. It’s not cheap. I use it when I have the time for a long, drawn-out masturbation session, even though I’d hoped to use it daily (I just don’t have time). It just doesn’t offer the easy, effortless orgasms I was expecting, but it offers up intense sensations. From thrusts to jiggles to brief jabs, it offers a variety of sensations to play with, and I take my time exploring them.


I had put this toy on a pedestal, and while I experienced, and received, intense orgasmic bliss, it wasn’t exactly what I’d anticipated. It makes sense, with the ridges, that it wouldn’t have quite the freedom of movement I was expecting. I never really understood just how much of a curve my G-spot needs until now, so it’s brought me more understanding about my body. Your mileage may vary, of course. It’s quite the investment in time and money, but overall it’s an investment that pays off in unique, pleasurable sensation. The Stronic Drei was worth the wait for me.

If the $190 price tag is a bit much for you and you think you’d prefer intense vibration instead, the Tiger G5 has a similar shape and color options for about $140, which is still a lot of cash. The non-vibrating Buck Dich paddle doubles as a dildo and a paddle, and runs about $80.

Thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me this toy to review!

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