Review: Doxy Number 3

When Doxy announced their new mini wand massager, the blogosphere started buzzing (so to speak). Before it had been named, we collectively dubbed it the Doxy Smol, the microphone-sized version of the Doxy Die Cast. Does the Doxy Smol, er, Doxy Number 3 deliver on being a small package with a big punch? Read on for what it gets right, and what it gets wrong.

Basic Stats

The Doxy Number 3 is a corded wand with a silicone head and aluminum and titanium body in silver only. The head is a half-globe, more rounded than the oblong full-size Doxy Die Cast. It measures 11″ long and is 1.75″ at its widest point. The head is removable, and in the future, I’m told, there will be interchangeable heads rather than attachments for different functions. You can literally unscrew the head and wash in the sink or dishwasher to sanitize (if your dishwasher has a sanitize setting).

The buttons are large, silicone, and easy to press. Press the on/off button to power it on, or hold it down for an escalation function. Hold the individual buttons down to rapidly increase or decrease the speed. It remembers the last speed used.

It includes a cloth travel bag that’s big enough to hold it’s generous cord. The Doxy Number 3 cord is 9 ft. long.

Mary’s Experience

I don’t often take packaging into consideration with a toy, but Doxy does a lot right. There’s no gendering of the packaging at all. Packaging is simple, and the box can be used for storage, although it does include the nifty travel bag. On that note, I’m surprised how often I use the travel bag for storage. It fits neatly in a drawer.

The Doxy Number 3 is much lighter than its full-size counterpart. Despite that, it packs a punch. The vibrations are strong and rumbly. The head provides broad stimulation, like most wands. While I prefer a more pinpoint sensation, orgasms with the Doxy Number 3 happen quickly and are satisfying. I can use it over my underwear for quick masturbation breaks. It’s surprisingly quiet, something I really appreciate. For it’s size, I’d say it’s the strongest and quietest wand I’ve tried. It’s not as powerful as the Doxy Die Cast or Magic Wand, but it is stronger than that awful, buzzy Kama Sutra BHANGRA.

One thing I’ve noticed about the vibrations is that the handle seems to vibrate when not holding it against my body, but once I press it into my vulva the vibration is focused in the head. That said, the pressure seems to dampen the vibration somewhat, so I tend to turn it all the way up to get the power I need. I’m not bothered by this at all, though.

The cord length is perfect for me. I have run out of outlets in my nightstand and on my power strip, so I can plug this into the wall and have plenty of cord left to use it anywhere on my bed.

The Doxy Number 3 is very portable and travel-friendly, unlike larger wands. It might actually get mistaken for some sort of microphone in a carry-on. While TSA may see lots of Magic Wands come through, they know exactly what they are, and it’s possible they might not even assume this is a sex toy.

The buttons are large and soft and press easily. They’re flush with the handle and it’s easy to tell by touch which button is which without looking. The buttons are where I run into the most trouble, however. First, when applying pressure, I need to be very careful about where my hand is so I don’t accidentally press a button. Second, the buttons “stick” to the aluminum, and it’s very difficult to press a button just once to change the speed. Doxy has been made aware of this problem, and I hope this is remedied in future versions of this toy (hard plastic buttons would be less likely to rub against the side of the aluminum, for example). Third, the speed changes are not gradual. You must very quickly tap the buttons to change the speed, and if they get stuck it will almost immediately turn all the way up or all the way down. This is very distracting. Since it remembers the last speed used, I find myself treating it like my Magic Wand Original and just leaving it on high power. This may be too much for some genitals, though, and I myself enjoy toys that have more gradual speed change options.

While I love the option of different screwable heads, they’re not available yet, and standard wand heads don’t fit the smaller Doxy Number 3 head. This may be a disappointment to some people, especially those who are a fan of internal wand attachments. We own the Gee Whizzard, for example (although we haven’t reviewed it yet), and it’s Carrie’s favorite prostate toy for our larger wands. It just won’t fit the Doxy Number 3. It’s not meant to, but this means bigger, bulkier wands are our preferred go-to for that type of use.


Overall, I really like the Doxy Number 3. The fact that it’s so quiet and powerful is a huge plus for me. I highly recommend it if you prefer broader stimulation and need a lighter, smaller wand. It’s best for clitoral or frenulum stimulation, but if you’re wanting to use attachments for internal stimulation, I’d stick to the Magic Wand and standard wand attachments.

The other thing to consider with the Doxy Number 3 is price. It’s about $150. That’s a LOT to spend on a toy that has limited use, but once attachments become available, it may be worth it. That’s something you need to decide for yourself and your budget.

I’d say if you only want a small wand with lots of power and a long cord for external use, the Doxy Number 3 is definitely worth the investment.


Thanks to Doxy for gifting me the Number 3! You can find it at Peepshow Toys, Vibrant, SheVibe, and Early to Bed!

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