Review: Bottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set

Bottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set PairWhen I was an anal toy newbie, blissfully unaware of things like a toy material porosity or toxicity, I picked up a set of beginner anal toys from the nearby adult toy store. Nestled between cartoonishly large, vibrating jelly plugs and disembodied parts that “feel like the real thing,” I found an inexpensive anal beginner’s set with a plug and beads. The packaging said they were silicone, but so did everything else – I picked them up and began to learn about what I liked.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I had purchased the Bottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set, and that it would be a trusty staple of my anal fun for many years. Seriously, I still have and use these occasionally to this day. The set has two toys, a small plug and a graduated three-bead toy – both are about 4 inches long insertable and have a retrieval pull ring that prevents the toy from getting lost.

Bottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set Plug

The plug has a cone-like head and thin, elongated, ribbed neck designed to stimulate the anus as the toy is inserted, removed, and shifts with body movement. It’s big enough to introduce the beginner to the sensations of anal play, but plenty small enough to be unintimidating. As a beginner, this toy helped me learn how to relax and breathe as I inserted toys, and helped me become accustomed to the feeling of wearing a plug for longer periods of time.

TBottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set Beadshe beads are graduated in size from barely there to pleasant pressure. While it can be worn around as a plug as well, I personally got the most out of them exploring the feeling of insertion and removal – particularly removing them during or just after an orgasm, while the sphincter muscles are contracting, making the orgasm feel more powerful with the added stimulation.

Unlike many of the toys in the shop claiming to be silicone, these actually are, making them safe to sanitize in boiling water or a 10% bleach solution. And, as always with any anal activity, be sure to use plenty of lubrication, both on the toy and yourself, before you open the back door. If you’re a beginner to anal play, or someone who might have written it off as something you didn’t like after a bad experience, you might want to give it try with this set. Take some time and learn more about yourself with a set that will last you for a very long time.


The Bottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set is available at SheVibe for a very affordable price!

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