Review: Bad Dragon Anthro Dragon


What is an Anthro Dragon? It’s “part dragon, part human, and all fun!” Normally, we don’t write reviews for products without an affiliate program. We made an exception here since we bought this toy outright. I’m told this is one of the most popular Bad Dragon toys, especially for those new to the company.

20150226_145343Our Anthro Dragon was an “adoption” (inventory toy) in medium firmness (#5) and small in size. The measurements on the small Anthro Dragon are 1.3″ in the head, 1.5″ at the widest part of the shaft and a usable length of 5″. Size queens & kings will be happy to know there are toys up to 4″ in diameter, so if you love the Tantus Cowboy or Amsterdam, Bad Dragon has something for you. It features an uncut design with ribbing and veining, and a pair of balls. Bad Dragon uses a softer, squishier silicone density throughout the toy. They can even custom design a different density in the base. If you’ve ever been with a person whose penis bends a bit – because they are very large or the head is weighty or they are older – the medium density will feel familiar to you. It still has a girth, but there is some give.


The outside texture is different from most of the toys we own. It’s not a shiny smooth like classic Tantus. It’s not draggy like the Fun Factory Stronics or velvety like Lelo or JimmyJane either. It’s different. It does collect hair, lint, and dust, probably worse than JimmyJane and Tantus but not as bad as the Fun Factory Stronics. Bad Dragon does include a plastic bag that you can re-seal if you open carefully enough, but it will also fit in a large Sugar Sak.

Both of us tried this out.

Mary’s Experience

20150226_145430When I saw the Anthro Dragon in this gorgeous sky blue/purple fade, with exactly the density and size I wanted, I had to have it. Although I typically shun realistic-looking toys, I have a lot of respect for a manufacturer that produces uncut toys.  The curve and head are what really drew me to this. The color scheme made it irresistible.

The girth, with the squish, is a very nice feeling of fullness. Rather than requiring the vagina mold around the shape, the shape fills out the space available. The curve is wonderful and it targets the G-spot much better than other toys with wobble without getting stuck on or banging against the pubic bone. The ribbing is just noticeable, although the veins not so much, and the texture is smooth when properly lubed up. I didn’t sweat it when the lube ran low.

20150226_145356I was unprepared for how well it would fit my anatomy. When I insert it, I imagine a “FOOMP!” noise as it is sucked in and held in just the right position. Because I am a larger person with reach issues, the thin base doesn’t give me much to grab onto. The balls are too far away to get a good hold on. I could turn it around, but then I’d be missing out on that wonderful curve and blocking my clitoris. It’s like a vagina plug. I could imagine wearing this around beneath underwear, doing my Kegels. If they got rid of the balls, it would be perfect for that. The very first time I used it, I had the JimmyJane Form 2 and Old Reliable to compare vibration, and had no problem using either. If I had a Magic Wand or Doxy, though, the base would have blocked direct access to my clitoris. If I’d been wearing an anal plug, I would have hit my knuckles against the flange. I tried other positions, including doggy style, to facilitate reach, which was novel, I guess. I could imagine getting another with a suction cup and riding it. I don’t see myself reaching for this one unless I feel like plugging my vagina or Carrie’s got a hold of it for me.

Carrie’s Experience

If someone had told me 10 years ago “You know, Carrie, you’re gonna be fucking some dragon dicks and writing about it on the internet someday,” I would have backed away slowly and ran when feasible. But here I am, and there it is, and would you look at the head on that?


Bad Dragon Anthro DragonWhen the Anthro Dragon first arrived, I remember taking a good look at it and thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m gonna feel that head the morning after.” I did. That’s not a bad thing really, but it was due to that definite ridge on the head that makes initial insertion an exercise in deep breathing. After plenty of lube and a few tries, though, it was in and out easily – and that same ridge was amazing on my prostate. The ‘squish’ this toy has gives it a rather realistic feel, like it was a real cock. The detail in the shaft ribbing and veins are a great and stimulating touch, but that natural give is what makes the experience.

If there was one thing we could change on the Anthro Dragon, it would be the balls. As aesthetically pleasing as they are to me, they are a bit in the way and are not at all useful for getting a grip on the toy. The curve on the cock made any attempt to use the balls for a grip take the head in the wrong direction entirely. That said, we could see them useful in a simple harness.



Overall, we both felt positively about the toy, but agreed it wasn’t exactly right for us. However, we think lots of people will love it! At the very least it makes a wonderful conversation piece on a shelf. How often can you say you own a dragon dick?

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