Review: B Swish Bdesired Deluxe

B Swish Bdesired Deluxe Review

The B Swish Bdesired Deluxe is at the lower end of the vibrator price scale. At $34, it’s a body safe, battery-operated vibe that’s compact and easy to operate. When B Swish reached out to sponsor a review, I warned them my reviews are honest. I don’t hold anything back, and I was prepared to espouse disappointment. Luckily, I was surprised by this little beginner vibe.

Basic Stats

The B Swish Bdesired Deluxe is powered by 2 AAA batteries – not my usual rechargeable faire. It’s made of ABS plastic and a silicone shell. It’s waterproof, too, if that’s your thing. It measures 6″ in total length and 1.4″ in girth, although I wouldn’t consider this an internal vibe. The controls are conveniently on the very base of the toy, with a dedicated on/off button, 3 speeds, and 3 functions. It includes its own storage pouch. It comes in 3 colors: coral, rose pink, and black.

Mary’s Experience

I have expensive taste. I like vibes with gold plating. I still can’t give up my favorite rabbit, even though it’s from LELO. I am proud of my limited edition hand-held sex machine. My favorite dildos are dual density, which doesn’t come cheap. One thing I don’t do often is review lower-cost toys. They usually don’t work out.

I wasn’t expecting much out of this vibe, to be honest. I’ve heard disappointing things from the blogosphere about the brand’s motors. That’s why this little vibe took me by surprise. I won’t bullshit you. On the scale of rumbly to buzzy, it’s on the buzzier end of the scale, and certainly buzzier at the higher power levels. Still, it performs admirably for a battery-operated vibe of this price range. I’ve sold a lot of $35 vibrators, and few have performed as well as the Bdesired Deluxe. There’s just enough rumble for my body, since the silicone dampens the buzziness significantly. It also doesn’t numb my hand as I’m holding onto the control end.

The length precludes it from being an effective internal toy, and it should never be used anally, since it doesn’t have a flared base. The length does make it easier for a large person like me to use. The controls are on the very base of the toy, so they’re right where my thumb can get to them. This is important as someone who has reach issues. With mini vibes, I usually have to hold them between my labia and/or thighs, but this vibe allowed me to control pressure and movement.

One thing I really appreciated with this vibe was it’s separation of power and function buttons. I could easily orgasm, switch it off, then quickly turn it back on low, then build to another orgasm. This is rare for clitoral vibes for me, since most button-powered vibes force you to cycle through. This one doesn’t do that, but it also has no memory chip. This doesn’t bother me, but I know others may appreciate a feature like that more than I do. I’m also not a huge fan of pulses or patterns, but this one has what I think are just the right amount. Endlessly flipping through a bunch of patterns doesn’t sound like a good time to me, but if you like more options, it’s something you should know.

B Swish Bdesired Deluxe BoxOne issue I do have with the Bdesired Deluxe is the insistence on putting a white woman (presumably cis, as there’s no indication the company markets to trans women) on the box. This not only perpetuates thin, white, feminine beauty standards, but also conflates genitals with gender. This is a toy for a clitoris, but there’s no need for this type of marketing. I dare say companies could save money on images of models by leaving them off of marketing altogether, but that’s a topic for another post, I suppose. It certainly doesn’t earn points with me.


I was surprised by this little battery-powered vibe’s power. It can’t compete with vibes in higher price ranges, but as a low-cost beginner vibe, it checks off a lot of boxes. Orgasm doesn’t equal good, of course. If this were made out of hard plastic, I’m sure it would still be powerful, but it would be far too buzzy to make orgasms enjoyable. The bulbous tip means the sensation falls in between broad and pinpoint. I’m still able to hit the right side of my clitoris without an issue. The hard casing means I can apply lots of pressure, something my clit loves. I can say I recommend this to those looking for a body safe vibrator under $35.

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Disclosure: this is a sponsored post by B Swish. Opinions are my own.

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