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The Aneros Helix Classic is an ABS plastic prostate massager. Vibrant kindly sent one my way for an honest review.

Basic Stats

The Aneros Helix Classic is made from a hard, high-quality ABS plastic. It’s 4″ long insertable, about 4.5″ total length, and .75″ in diameter at it’s widest insertable point. Being ABS plastic, it is non-porous, and can be cleaned with soap and water, and sanitized with a 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol. I wouldn’t suggest boiling or a high heat dishwasher, as it might warp the shape of the toy.

Carrie’s Experience

Aneros Helix Classic in handThe Aneros Helix Classic works a little differently than most anal toys. An anal plug is inserted and stays in place, giving you a filled feeling. A dildo or a vibrator is inserted, and any prostate massage is typically done by way of reaching and working with the toy using your hands. This toy is different: it uses leverage between your perineum and sphincter while you flex your PC muscles to massage your prostate, making this toy hands-free.

Initial insertion was a breeze and required no warm up. Even for novices to anal play, this should be pretty easy, as the toy at it’s widest point is only slightly larger than a finger. Just remember to use plenty of lubrication, constant gentle pressure, and relax. After the first and widest bump, the toy just seemed to guide itself to where it needed to go with very little help from me. After walking around with it for a little while to test its comfortability (very comfortable, just don’t sit on it – that perineum tab doesn’t feel great when it jabs you there), it was time to do some exercises.

Yes, exercises.

Because this toy requires you to work your PC muscles to do what is does best, it can and will give you a bit of a workout. After I was comfortable and sure of its placement, I started with alternating contracting and relaxing those muscles for a few seconds. I could definitely feel the pressure on my prostate, but I knew pressure alone wasn’t going to work. After a few minutes, I started to rapidly tense and relax to see if that worked any better. It did, but it was very tiring, so I relaxed for a few minutes before finally trying something else.

Aneros Helix Classic facing rightIt’s easy to completely relax a muscle, and it’s easy to completely flex a muscle, but it’s difficult to keep a muscle somewhere about halfway. Think about lifting something with your arms halfway and holding it there – easy enough in the beginning, but before long, your arm will start to quiver a little and that control of just how tense your muscles are starts to waver. That’s what I wanted against my prostate, that quivering feeling. So I focused on holding my PC muscles at about halfway tense. After what felt like the longest minute ever, I could feel the head of the Aneros Helix Classic start to quiver and move. Excited, I tensed up, and leaked precum everywhere. Now we were getting somewhere. After about three sets of those, which got easier and easier to navigate with each set, I had a messy, body-rocking internal orgasm, and the following set treated me to one of the most explosive external orgasms I’ve ever had. It was literally breath-taking, and all of it was hands-free.


If you love prostate stimulation, are experienced in anal play, and don’t already have this, get the Aneros Helix Classic! If you are new to anal play and prostate massage, you should still try it, but you might want to temper your expectations a bit. If you haven’t spent a lot of time exploring and getting to know your body and your pleasure through anal play, or have always experienced your orgasms through penile stimulation, there will be a bit of a learning curve. The good news is that, at a price point just shy of $50, this is the perfect toy to start that journey with. It is not girthy or intimidating, is shaped well to do its job and fit the body incredibly well, and is priced to be accessible. If you’re at all curious about prostate massage, this is a great toy to use to find out more about your own body and your own pleasure.

Thanks to Vibrant for sending us this toy to review!

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