Preview: HommeMystere Lingerie “for Men” 1

20150409_174111I had been eyeing HommeMystere’s sexy and adorable lingerie lineup for quite some time. So when I found out that Mary had contacted them, and they agreed to send some products for me to try out for an unbiased review, I was thrilled. And did they ever deliver! We thought we were going to get a camisole and/or maybe a pair of panties to review, so imagine our surprise when the shipment arrived with four different sets of matching bras and panties.

I may have actually squeed.

Now, I’ve been traveling for business for the past few weeks, and since I can hardly trust airlines to get me where I want to go, let alone my luggage, I didn’t want to risk the review products getting lost in the shuffle. But I’m home now, so expect to see a review for these coming soon!

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