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Have you ever looked at a sex toy and instantly known youLelo Ina 2 wanted it? I didn’t think I could be sexually attracted to objects until I saw the LELO Ina 2 for the first time. Sleek, curvy, practical, available in colors other than pink – what’s not to love?

The LELO Ina 2 was brand new to my in-home sex toy party company, so I got one to show, one to sell, and one for me. I opened the show model and instantly fell in love. Yes, the size looked perfect, and that silky silicone felt lovely. I let it charge overnight. When I washed it, I felt the silicone “squeak” against my fingers under the water and imagined that feeling against my G-Spot. I wanted our first time together to be special, so I packed up both of the marketable units in my inventory case and off I went – and sold them BOTH. Mine was now somewhere else, in someone else’s vagina!

No worries, I thought, I’ll just get another one. Guess what happened? I couldn’t keep it in stock! I’m not sure if my obvious infatuation sold it, or I just ran into a bunch of women who had the same tastes in vibrators as I do. Eventually, I won one in a contest and vowed not to sell it. When it arrived, I immediately ripped its packaging off like a romance novel protagonist to make sure it didn’t end up in my inventory case.

Hand ComparisonUnlike a lot of people, I do like to read and follow rules and I wanted my new bedmate to have the best of care, so I made sure to read all of the English instructions. I anthropomorphised my big battery-powered bullet as a jealous cast-aside remnant as I tried to explain the Ina 2 isn’t a replacement, but a fun addition to meet my other needs! I showered and shaved. I set aside potentially an hour of play time. I grabbed my favorite water-based lube and turned down the covers just so. Yes, I treated a masturbation session like a date.

The first time was, indeed, just as magical as I’d hoped. Normally able to stay completely silent (I don’t need kids wondering if I’m ok), I actually moaned! I’d achieved my first ever toy-induced G-spot orgasm. I think that’s because this is the first toy to put the pressure in the right places. The Lelo Ina 2 is a unique rabbit-style designed to provide strong G-Spot stimulation through it’s shape, deep rumbly vibes, and lots of various teasing patterns. I find them all interesting and have a few faves, but tend to finish on a strong constant vibration in both motors. The clitoral tickler is exactly what I wanted: not overpowering, and provides actual pressure to the clitoris. This, by far, is my fave thing about this toy. I’ve always hated rabbits because the ears or antennae or bird beak (or whatever the hell they put on the end of the clit stim) would stop moving minute I’d put any pressure on them so they couldn’t do their job. Speaking of doing its job, on third use, I squirted. I’ve mastered the art of adjusting the patterns to give me exactly the orgasm I want. We were truly meant to be together.

Since we’ve been with each other so long, I can tell you that while I absolutely love the Lelo Ina 2, your body is different and may not appreciate what I do. First, the functions are not cycle-through. Once you go up to #8, you need to go back down to #1. Second, I love pressure on my clitoris. Others? Not so much. Third, the clit stim arm is a tight fit, so you will want to use a rocking motion (or even a twisting motion…mmm…) and that will give you that delicious “squeak” drag on your G-Spot! It’s not meant for hard thrusting. Finally, you’ll probably want to consider power in the clit stim. This is my G-Spot go-to toy. It provides just enough on my clit to get me over the edge, as this was the beginning of my G-Spotting experimentation. If you absolutely need a Hitachi Magic Wand on high on your clit, this is going to annoy you. But if you’re looking for internal power with “just enough” clitoral assistance, this is definitely the toy for you.Buttons

My only real complaints are the fact that I have to take my underwear off, get up and clean it after I’m done, and I’m a larger person with shorter arms so I can’t be in just any position to use it. That’s nothing, though, compared to the orgasms I get with this thing. Carrie’s only complaint is that in the beginning it made them a little bit jealous, as my frequency of use and reference to “her” during our own play time was excessive. I’ll confess that one.

If you think you’ll love the Lelo Ina 2 as much as I do, you can find it with free shipping at SheVibe


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