Disclosures and Policies for Readers

This information is a general disclosure to readers about our blog, how we monetize, and how we obtain products.

This is a personal blog written by Mary Q. and Carrie V. Contrary. It’s independently hosted, meaning we pay for the domain and the hosting of the site. On this site, we review sex toys. Here’s a little bit more about how we run the blog.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links provide a commission to us based on product purchases, not clicks. Cookies may be used by affiliates. Before shopping with our affiliates, please clear your cookies first, especially if you read a lot of sex toy reviews. We use affiliate links in reviews so you know where to get a product (or a similar, better product) and we can get credit for referring you. Shopping with our affiliates does not cost you anything extra – the toy store itself pays us out of their profits.

We are selective with our affiliates. We will not recommend a store or manufacturer that we would not shop from ourselves. However, some stores may carry products we do not recommend, and that is beyond our control. Be smart when shopping for sex toys: avoid toxic and porous materials, make sure anal toys have flared bases, and avoid knockoffs & fakes by shopping from reputable retailers.

There are affiliate links in almost every post, and for every affiliate banner on the left sidebar under Affiliates.

Review Items

We accept review items from our affiliates most of the time.

Sometimes, manufacturers will send us toys to review, and we will highlight all affiliate shops where you can get the item, and include coupon codes if we have them to help you find the lowest price.

Occasionally, we will accept a cash payment in addition to the product when a company does not offer an affiliate program, or whose affiliate program’s terms are below our threshold for working with them. These posts will always say whether they are sponsored.

Rarely, we will purchase items ourselves or accept free items for review from shops without affiliate programs for no payment if we really want the item. This doesn’t guarantee we’ll like it.

Regardless how we acquire toys, our reviews are always 100% honest and not influenced towards the positive. We think it’s important to point out the flaws in sex toys so that manufacturers can improve, and so you can be aware of little things you might want to know. We tend not to work with retailers or manufacturers that throw hissy fits over negative reviews. We say what our experience was, how the product could be better, and call out problematic marketing or verbiage in manuals where applicable.

Our reviews are our honest opinions only, and may not be representative of what others think of a toy.

If you have suggestions for toys you’d like to see us review, or have questions about products, brands, or have other sex toy questions, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


We do accept cash advertising in the forms of banner links and sponsored posts. Site “sponsors” are companies that have purchased advertising banners. They have paid for those images and links to be placed for a specified period of time, and may change.

We’re selective of advertisers, but not as selective as affiliates. For example, sex toy manufacturers that produce sexist, transphobic, homophobic, fatphobic, ableist, or racist products (or use oppressive marketing) are not allowed site sponsorship. However, you may find more porous/jelly products or even copycat products in our site sponsors’ stores than in our affiliates’ stores (don’t buy those toys). Also, we do not benefit directly from any of those sales, so please check to see if our affiliates have the item you’re looking at first.

If you’ve had have a problem with a brand or retailer we work with, please let us know.

What We Do with the Money

This blog is Mary Q.’s “full-time” job, although it wouldn’t be enough to survive on, and may only pay a bill here or there in a month. Mostly, the money goes back into the expense of hosting the site, which can get expensive the longer we blog (more database space needed = more $$). Anything leftover usually goes to our annual Woodhull #SFS trip, which makes us more informed social justice and sexual freedom advocates and sex educators. Beyond that, we’d start to pay for basics like food, electricity, Internet, our mortgage, etc. Occasionally affiliate and advertising funds go towards sex toys and products we really want and are so classic/well-established no one would reasonably send them to us (everyone wants reviews on the newest toys). So, this blog doesn’t fund anything extravagant, and we’re not rolling in the dough. Making an affiliate purchase might cover the cost of a cup of coffee or a small bottle of hazelnut creamer, and Mary loves coffee with hazelnut creamer.


The content on this blog will always be written by us, in our own words, unless we partner with another established sex blogger to do a guest post, and we’ll clearly indicate if that’s the case.

While we mostly review toys, we also write about deeply personal topics that may or may not intersect with sex. You won’t find any porn or erotica here, but you may find new insights and enlightening perspectives.


You’re free to comment on any post, but please know we moderate all comments. Most of the comments we receive are spam, which hurt our Google ranking when they include links (they always do). Sadly, we’ve also had some harassing comments. Therefore, we moderate all comments.

We don’t usually allow comments that don’t add value to our posts. For example, repeating what we wrote in the post in different wording is unlikely to get approved. It’s the same with “hi” and similar comments, and comments that include links tend to get flagged as spam. Instead, share your thoughts, share your feelings, give new insights. What did you learn from the review? Have you tried the same toy and felt differently about it? We want to know!

We usually approve comments within 24 hours. Sometimes, though, we travel or go on break, and it may take longer to get to your comment. Posting the same comment multiple times will flag you as spam. However, if you notice a typo in your original comment, posting it again (only once) will not get you flagged. We’ll delete the comment with the typo and approve the one that’s correct in that case. E-mailing us to approve your comment won’t get it approved any faster, and is more likely to result in not approving your comment at all. Don’t be “that” person.

We don’t tolerate “flaming” on our comment threads, so always be respectful. Disrespectful or harassing comments will not be approved. This is a blog for adults, so please act accordingly.