Advertising Terms

By purchasing banner advertising on this site, companies (manufacturers, retailers, websites, and their representatives) agree to the following terms:

Social Media Ad Placement

Banner ads do not include social media promotion. For social media ads, please inquire separately.

Ad Identification

Per FTC guidelines, all advertisements will be identified as such.

Nofollow Attribution

All links will be nofollow attributed. Companies agree not to ask for “dofollow” links.

Existing Blog Posts

Companies may not request their links inserted into existing posts.

USA Sales Requirement

The largest portion of our readers reside in the United States. Companies must sell and ship products to the US, and offer pricing in US dollars.

Rate Changes

Advertising rates are subject to change periodically, based on overall audience size according to the metrics that we use, not necessarily based on metrics companies use. Your pricing is locked in based on the length of time you select. Pricing is only guaranteed for each time period purchase.


Ads may not feature discount codes, coupons, sales, gift with purchase, or other offers.


Clicks are not guaranteed. We make no claims as to the performance of advertisements.

Blog Posting Frequency

Companies may not dictate or request changes to our posting frequency.


Companies agree to keep our real names, e-mail addresses, payment information, and other identifying information confidential, except where required by law (e.g. IRS 1099 reporting). You agree to handle this information carefully to avoid accidental disclosure. Willful disclosure of our identities may be met with legal action.

Ad Placement

Ads are placed on a first come, first served basis, and companies may not request their ad be bumped higher on the page than another ad until the original ad has expired and the space is available. It is best to renew your ad in advance of your ad’s expiration date to avoid losing your spot. Companies will be contacted about a month before the ad expires to renew.

Contact Methods

E-mail will be our only method of contact. You agree not to request a phone call, attempt to contact directly via social media, or request any other form of contact.


Acceptable forms of payment are PayPal or check, in US dollars only. Advertisements will be placed once funds clear, which may take up to 7 business days, depending on the form of payment. The timeframe for your advertisement begins on the day the ad is placed, not necessarily when payment is received. Payment must be made in full upfront. No prorates are offered.


Companies agree to abide by our ethics requirements. We reserve the right to deny advertising, at our discretion, to companies who produce or sell a majority of porous or toxic toys; have a history of antagonistic behavior against bloggers; produce or sell products with racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, sexist, or other oppressive marketing (including social media); have a history of consumer complaints; or make or sell products marketed for anal use that do not have an appropriately flared base (e.g. prostate massagers with long handles and no base flare). We reserve the right to remove ads if we discover later that a company violates our ethics clause, with no refunds given. If the problem is corrected, the ad will be restored, however, having been removed does not increase the length of the time period originally purchased.

Image Requirements and Changes

Companies must provide the banner images, desired image keywords, and the landing link for all advertisements. You may provide up to two images, preferably in .jpg or .png format, for places in both the sidebars and the Sales & Specials page.  Images must not include graphic nudity as defined by the laws in the state where we reside (specifically, genitals, orifices being penetrated, and nipples attached to breasts must be censored). Changes to images, keywords, alt text, etc. can be requested once per calendar month.

Please inquire about current image size and placement availability. Pricing may vary depending on image size slots available. Submitted images larger than the size slot purchased may be resized or cropped. It is best to create images within the size parameters purchased.

Escort Ads

Advertisements for escort sites and escort referral services will not be considered, due to the strict laws of the state where we reside.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. No refunds, either full or partial, will be given under any circumstances.

Effective Date of Terms

This policy takes effect May 18, 2017. Be sure to print and keep a copy of these contract terms for your records.