Confession: I’m Going to Change Sex Toy Party Companies 2

I’m not really sure how it will impact this blog, but I have had my eyes on a new sex toy party company for a while. They sell nonporous sex toys of lots of different materials, quality lubricants, some actual BDSM play stuff (not cardboard), and some toys that no other sex toy party company has. They don’t make you feel like you have to recruit a team, and if you do, they want to make sure accurate information about products and sex is disseminated to the masses.

I reached out to them a few months ago, to be notified when they launch nationally as a company, and they’ve responded and have offered me a position. Those in the direct sales industry know, it’s always best to get in on the ground floor of something. As new sales representatives sign up, they’re put “under” you and you’re paid more based on their sales, presumably because you coach them to be awesome or whatever. My team has always been small, though, because I never wanted to recruit someone just to get a bonus, or sell someone a dream I didn’t believe they could achieve. I’ve even flat out told people “you’re not right for this line of work” because being an independent contractor is very different from being an employee, and if you don’t treat it like a business, if you don’t prospect for clients, if you don’t exercise some customer service skills, you’re not going to succeed. You could own all the dildos in the world and still not be the type of person that asks some rando in line at the grocery store to host a sex toy party with you unless it’s a social experiment.

Although, this company doesn’t really do that either.  These parties take a deposit which is refundable with qualifying sales, much like most of the brick & mortar sex shops I know, because their sales reps are working straight commission in this off-the-clock contract role, and deserve to at least have their gas paid for. It also deals mostly with luxury products, because if someone wants a cheap made-in-China bullet they can go to the local hole-in-the-wall shop or call one of the other sex toy party reps out there. The plan is not to be huge, but to achieve exclusivity and cultivate scarcity.

The price range, though, even though they only carry the best of the best, is actually a bit better than where I’m at now.  At my current company, I’ll give them that they don’t go much more than $10 over the going rate, but still. In fact, the profit margin is slightly lower, but it’s not about the money anymore.

Anyway, I am very excited about this change and thrilled to be able to offer my clients a large selection of quality, actually body-safe products that I won’t have to excuse or convince them not to buy, organic lubricants and more paraben-free and glycerin-free options, and a really great selection of erotica and educational literature. I’m stoked!!

I’ll still probably lament crap that I deal with in the industry that’s unique to us. I’ll still tell you why I love doing what I do, and I’ll still hate doing bachelorette parties.

But you know what? I’ll have a hella clearer conscience. Because at least I know what the hell the toys will be made out of and I won’t have to say “don’t buy that – it’s a porous plasticized material.”

Fuck. That.

Here’s to new beginnings!


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2 thoughts on “Confession: I’m Going to Change Sex Toy Party Companies

  • Dangerouslilly

    I kinda wish I could do a home sex toy party like that, not real sure about the “market” for it in my state. There’s already the crappy parties that sell junk, a friend of a friend does one and apparently does really well for herself, selling this porous junk.

    • Mary Q. Contrary Post author

      Once I started getting really passionate about this topic, I made a market for it. I just started telling everyone the truth, and for the most part, when you tell them, at a party, the stories start flowing from others there – chemical burns, yeast infections, headaches, mold spots… I quit showing porous junk, but don’t have much to show (aside from the sleeves, because there are LITERALLY no male toys that aren’t porous in most companies). The money is pretty good, but it’s not about the money anymore. In fact, a lot of the direct sales markets function like affiliates and don’t pay out much more than 25%, except for this particular industry. The porous junk lets a lot of companies offer reps a 50% profit margin and occasionally more, and depending on their sales or recruits, extra compensation. I got caught up in that for a bit, but, then I started making an impact. I was always the one friends went to for advice on this sort of thing, and I just found a way to monetize it. I had to get back to why I got started, and realized, I know so much more now. I care so much more. If I wanted to, I could go do toy parties and order stuff through SheVibe via my affiliate link (or another company, just an example) and get paid that way. I was about ready to do that, but then this opportunity came along that pays 30% and has a sex educator on staff.

      So I’m blogging in 2 places with various affiliate setups, and I’m booking local speaking arrangements (because I have the best therapist/life coach ever) for honoraria. I’m diversifying my portfolio, so to speak. I may do a Patreon eventually if I can find something extra of value to offer, and I’m working on the skeleton of a book. The hardest part, for me, is time. I home school. Kids need my time and attention. I have two very ill parents. Maintaining social circles. Plus I have Bipolar 2 and ADHD to manage, currently unmedicated, which means some days I don’t put on pants and barely leave my chair. It’s a turtle vs. hare thing at this point. I’m just moving forward, checking things off as I can, when my brain lets me, and trying to make a difference on something I am very passionate about.