Why I’m Funding the Rumble and You Should, Too

This week, Tantus launched the Indiegogo campaign for their first vibrator: The Rumble. I first saw this at Woodhull #SFS15 and was wowed by the prototype. However, as electronics are not their forte, they are having to jump through some extra hoops to bring this product to market. They’ve launched an […]

Preview: HommeMystere Lingerie “for Men” 1

I had been eyeing HommeMystere’s sexy and adorable lingerie lineup for quite some time. So when I found out that Mary had contacted them, and they agreed to send some products for me to try out for an unbiased review, I was thrilled. And did they ever deliver! We thought […]

Preview: Bad Dragon

I’ve previously stated I normally don’t get off on realistic dildos. Fantasy dildos, on the other hand, really turn me on. Bad Dragon’s products, however phallic they sometimes appear, are incredibly alluring. Maybe it’s the fact that they offer uncut dildos. Maybe it’s the 100% soft density silicone in 3 squish levels. […]