A Day In the Life

Confession: The Never-Ending Period

This post contains frank talk of menstruation. I’m also going to talk about the mental health effects of hormonal birth control, which for me included suicidal thoughts and self harm. If that bothers or upsets you in any way, feel free to skip this post! Why not read a review […]

Confession: Family Day Disaster

This week, I want to give a bit of a snapshot into our real life. We’re parents. Life is messy. And, it seems every time we try to do something as a family, things go sideways, and last week was no different. In fact, it was one thing after another. […]

Confession: My Last Sex Toy Party

I was more nervous than I knew I’d be. I’m always a little nervous, but I was particularly restless that Saturday. This would be my last sex toy party for the foreseeable future. I put in my notice to quit my contract with my sex toy party company several weeks […]

Confession: I Hate Fifty Shades of Grey Culture

I admit it! I hate Fifty Shades of Grey. And Fifty Shades Darker. And especially Fifty Shades Freed. Yes, I read all three books. If I’m going to do a Fifty Shades party and show people items from the books that they probably want to buy, I had to. I […]

Confession: I’m Going to Change Sex Toy Party Companies 2

I’m not really sure how it will impact this blog, but I have had my eyes on a new sex toy party company for a while. They sell nonporous sex toys of lots of different materials, quality¬†lubricants, some actual BDSM play stuff (not cardboard), and some toys that no other […]

Disgruntled Pink Monkey Cock Ring

10 Reasons Sex Toy Party Reps Hate Bachelorette Parties 1

We call them bach parties. No matter how happy we are for the bride, deep, deep, down behind our eerily happy Stepford Wives smiles, beneath The Secret masks of positivity, we steel ourselves at the mention of them. Usually, we’re contacted by the maid of honor. Here are 10¬†reasons we […]