Sex Toy Party Life

Confession: My Last Sex Toy Party

I was more nervous than I knew I’d be. I’m always a little nervous, but I was particularly restless that Saturday. This would be my last sex toy party for the foreseeable future. I put in my notice to quit my contract with my sex toy party company several weeks […]

Confession: Direct Sales Culture is Toxic Happy 2

I’ve been in direct sales – specifically, multi-level marketing – for many years. It started with Cutco knives. I remember being 19 and knowing nothing, but being pregnant and looking for some flexible income while I went to school (and let’s face it, Oldest’s bio dad preferred video games to […]

Confession: What I Mean When I Say I’m Not the Rep for You

Today I got a rather angry rejection letter from someone I didn’t immediately recognize as a previous party guest who considered hosting a show but didn’t book at the party. If you’ve done party plan sales for long enough, you don’t go chasing these people down. Sure, you might follow […]

Confession: I Witnessed Verbal and Emotional Abuse in the Consultation Room 1

Trigger warning on this one, folks. Last night was a rough night. It was my first party with the new company, and it was a classic failure. The party was held in a manufactured home community, and that should have been my first tip-off. Now, I’ve had some good parties […]

Confession: I Hate Fifty Shades of Grey Culture

I admit it! I hate Fifty Shades of Grey. And Fifty Shades Darker. And especially Fifty Shades Freed. Yes, I read all three books. If I’m going to do a Fifty Shades party and show people items from the books that they probably want to buy, I had to. I […]

Confession: I’m Going to Change Sex Toy Party Companies 2

I’m not really sure how it will impact this blog, but I have had my eyes on a new sex toy party company for a while. They sell nonporous sex toys of lots of different materials, quality lubricants, some actual BDSM play stuff (not cardboard), and some toys that no other […]

Why I Do What I Do: They Rejected Porous Sex Toys

My Friday night party this weekend had me a little worried. I live in a predominantly Hispanic community. This can pose a few issues when talking about sex and sexuality because of cultural taboos and socioeconomic factors. The hostess had, in fact, texted me before the party asking if I […]

3 Things Sex Toy Party Reps Say behind Your Back When Your Party Sucks

My job as a sex toy party rep is usually pretty awesome. The money is great, the hours are my own, and I’ve made a lot of great friends. The great majority of hostesses and guests are reasonable human beings. However, there are times when hostesses and guests really try our patience, […]

10 Reasons Sex Toy Party Reps Hate Bachelorette Parties 1

We call them bach parties. No matter how happy we are for the bride, deep, deep, down behind our eerily happy Stepford Wives smiles, beneath The Secret masks of positivity, we steel ourselves at the mention of them. Usually, we’re contacted by the maid of honor. Here are 10 reasons we […]

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