Mental Health

Confession: It’s Been 1 Year Since My Breakdown

One year ago, I suffered a terrifying mental breakdown, requiring me to go to the ER. I was then hospitalized on a psych ward, where I was prescribed Latuda for my particular brand of bipolar 2. I’ve talked a lot about being mentally ill here on my blog, and a […]

Confession: Latuda Changed My Life 1

A little over 6 months ago, I suffered a terrifying mental breakdown and was rushed to the ER. I then spent a few days on the psych ward. Many readers have asked how I’ve been doing since. It’s been a little quiet around here, but that’s mostly due to burnout […]

Confession: I Was Committed to the Psych Ward 3

This is my third piece on having a mental breakdown at the beginning of the year. These posts discuss mental illness experiences in detail and may be triggering to some readers. You may wish to read the first two pieces, one on the breakdown itself and the other on my […]

psych ward hallway

Confession: I Was Taken to the ER for a Mental Health Emergency 3

Last week I wrote about having a psychotic breakdown. Please read that post first if you can, although note it may be triggering for some. This week, I’m going to share what it was like to go to the ER for a mental health emergency. By that, I meant to say “this is […]

Confession: I Had a Psychotic Mental Breakdown 4

You read that right. I had a psychotic mental breakdown. Trigger warning: I’m going to describe exactly what that’s like. I’ve been pretty open about having bipolar 2. It finally came to a head one night. I’m going to write a series of posts on my experience because I had a […]

Confession: I Have a Mental Illness 2

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it feels real? You’re barely able to realize things don’t make sense before you wake up and still feel the hurt, loss, anger, or panic from the dream. Maybe you’re indignant about discovering them cheating on you in a dream. Perhaps […]

Confession: Direct Sales Culture is Toxic Happy 2

I’ve been in direct sales – specifically, multi-level marketing – for many years. It started with Cutco knives. I remember being 19 and knowing nothing, but being pregnant and looking for some flexible income while I went to school (and let’s face it, Oldest’s bio dad preferred video games to […]

Confession: I just can’t today 1

The Holidays are a hard time of year for me, and today has been overwhelmingly difficult. I just can’t today. I’m sorry. I had this beautiful, hilarious post for you last night, but when I went to save the draft, an error occurred and the entire thing was lost. I […]