Adventures in Sex Positive Parenting

Review: Sex Is a Funny Word 1

I know this isn’t my standard review faire, but as a sex-positive parent, I’m happy to find sex-ed resources I can recommend. Sex Is a Funny Word was written by Cory Silverberg, who boasts an impressive sex-ed resume, and Fiona Smyth, whose gorgeous illustrations brilliantly represent bodies of literally all colors, genders, […]

Confession: I Took My 8-Year-Old Bikini Shopping

“I want a bikini for the beach,” my 8-year-old daughter said. Carrie, the only awake adult in the house at the time, had about a split second to react and respond. “Why do you want a bikini?” Carrie asked. They were not ready for this request. “I just…want to know what […]

Confession: I Had “The Talk” with My Daughter Part 2 2

This is Part 2 of “The Talk” – click here to read Part 1 first! “What’s a penis?” she asked. My 8 year old daughter, who hadn’t asked about sexual dimorphic anatomy in 5 years, was now asking me, about sexual anatomy. I have waited for this moment. I have […]

Confession: I Had “The Talk” with My Daughter Part 1

Our daughter is 8 years old. We finally had “the talk” today. I home school, by the way. I will refer to her as Youngest. Youngest is 8 at the time of this writing. Oldest is 15. Oldest was a bit of an experiment. I didn’t know I was a […]