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  • We do not review porn or escort services, as we don’t feel we’re connoisseurs of these genres of the adult industry, but we know others who do. Feel free to ask for referrals to those individuals in the form below.
  • For us to review your product, you must have an affiliate program or sponsor a post. More info here.
  • We only review honestly. We do not allow editing/approval of our reviews before posting.
  • Sponsored reviews¬†include the sponsored post fee AND sending us the product.¬†More info here.
  • We do not allow guest posts or pre-written posts without sponsorship. Fees must be paid in advance prior to post publication. More info here.
  • We do not review porous or otherwise unsafe toys because we value our health & safety.
  • We aren’t keen on sex-negative, sexist, cissexist, objectifying, racist, ableist, or other oppressive products or marketing.
  • We will not write for your website for free, for exposure, or for months of a service to which we do not already subscribe.


  • While we share highly personal information, we control the extent of that information, and will not share more than what’s shared here.
  • We don’t feed trolls.
  • Need a beginner recommendation? Ask away!
  • Need a sex toy party company recommendation? Ask away!

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